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Agnes V'Demi
Username: Unpaid Intern
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Occupation: Student, Intern
Location: Thessia
Marital Status: Single
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'4"
Build: Thin
Character Status: Yeah babeee
Discord/IRC: Muqington

Agnes V'Demi was born to a human residing on Thessia. She is a bright but reckless woman and is currently undergoing an internship at a small research facility during the last few years of her STEM program at the Inens Institute of Science and Technology. She spends most of her days sorting through homework and paperwork, collecting coffee orders, and being the life of the facility when the days get dull. She has an almost unnerving interested in SI development, but she double majors in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering, as well as double minoring in Design and Technology together with Computing and Programming.


Agnes is small framed, weighing about as much as a sack of potatoes. She is 5'4" with thin strawberry blonde hair that reaches just past her shoulders. She is farsighted, and thus sports a pair of reading glasses, but she is often without them in day to day life. Her skin is pale with a number of freckles across her body. Her eyes are more turquoise than blue.




Reaper - Albiet having a poorly-aged name, Agnes' first battlebot was assembled from scrapyard material collected by her mother when she expressed interest in robotics. While it never participated in fights and did not leave the prototype phase, Agnes poured many hours into the now defunct bot. Featuring a heavy base and a dual mandible design, Reaper was designed to grab hold of its opponents to crush them. After her mother's death, Reaper was given a funeral and was buried 10ft underground in an unknown location.

Jina Mas - Decorated with cropped metal to look like bones of a talxu, Jina Mas features a very similar base to it's predecessor, Reaper. The main difference between these bots besides appearance is the massive hammer attachment. This attachment can have a number of designs including a sharp stinger, a flat mallet, or a tenderizer. It is heavily armored. The base of this bot is made from blue sheet metal, and a weight is attached to the top of the hammer to increase force. This weight can be traded out the same way the head of the hammer can. This bot is named after the deity, Jina Mas.

Penelope - A tiny bot, weighing no more than two pounds, was named after Agnes' late mother. This bot features four ramps covering three rotating wheels with a hole in the middle. When used in junction with Jina Mas, this bot runs into it's opponent to hoist it in the air and off of it's wheels. Penelope will then bring the bot to Jina Mas who will then give the final blow. A short phrase is engraved on the underside of one of it's panels; "Sia res, siari. Penelope ai'a me."


Nyxum V'Demi - Father - Nyxum is Agnes' father, though the two share no biological connection. She was married to Penelope V'Demi a year after Agnes was born, and the Matron was quick to support her new daughter. The two don't always see eye to eye, but Nyxum remains supportive and attentive. Nyxum owns a small fabric shop outside of Inens, as well as a small varren training business on the side.

Penelope V'Demi - Mother- Penelope was just as brilliant as her daughter, at least according to Nyxum. Her and Agnes were very close before Penelope's death in the Reaper War. Agnes has very fond memories from her mother's homeschooling. Penelope devoted her life to giving Agnes the best chance she could have and helped her with several of her first prototypes. She died protecting Agnes from the war's destruction.

Pickle - Varren Pet - Pickle is a grey and green varren with loads of unending energy. He is very well trained in spite of this, and a blue ribbon stud. He can be often seen wagging his entire butt as he begs for chin rubs. His favourite toy is a homemade stuffed volcano, hollow in the middle, and hides several stuffed thresher maws inside. He'll spend hours pulling the maws out and hiding them back inside.