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Ajrakila figurine, tempered bronzium, c. 320 Nimbus

Ajrakila is an asari deity, part of Serrice's Third Pantheon which, at its height, gained a widespread following throughout much of the hemisphere on Thessia. Elements of her mythology persist to the modern-day Athame theology, where she is identified with the aspect of Athame Rala. She is the patron of huntresses.

Ajrakila is a warrior goddess, and played a crucial role in the Third Pantheon's tribal cycle, in which she volunteered to tame the Song, a force created by the goddesses collectively to protect the asari people from harm. The Song required a wielder, in order to keep its destructive potential harnessed to protection, not anger or revenge; in choosing to claim the Song as her duty, Ajrakila became the huntress goddess. She is consequently often depicted wielding a songblade, a tribal asari weapon wielded by huntress acolytes (pre-tech biotic specialists). Other depictions show her carrying two valhawks, Ma'a and Talith, representing her two primary aspects: Ajrakila Merciful, the Maiden sees that those who would harm innocents receive quick and clean deaths, and Ajrakila Teacher-of-ways, the Matriarch who passes on the proper conduct the hunt to her followers. (The valhawk, a bird of prey, is known for its caution, patience, and precision.)

Although the worship of the Third Pantheon is largely a thing of the past, its mythology remains widely known. Certain tales of Ajrakila's exploits are often employed as educational allegories by huntresses, and the phrase "merciful Ajrakila" is often used as an exclamation.

Out-of-character notes

The photo on this page is based on a statue named Mayan Jade, Bronze Woman w/Birds.