AlexSuperCop (Alex Parker)
Alex Parker
Date of Birth
April 21
Private Security
Marital Status
Davril Wilde, Kate Parker
Character Status
Alex Parker is a 24-year-old resident of the Citadel, come from Earth after a brief career as a cop. He used to be employed in private security, living in the Wards with his family, but recent events have disrupted this somewhat

Relevant Storyline Information


Alex was born and raised on Earth on April 21st 2164, in Australia, but his family soon moved to America to pursue business opportunities. Once he came of age he became a police officer, showing great aptitude and enthusiasm.

However, in 2184 there was a serious incident involving his younger sister Kate. Alex was contacted by her, discovering that she had become lost in a dangerous part of town. He raced to her aid, but not fast enough. She had been accosted by a gang of five men, and raped by the leader. Alex attacked them, and was nearly beaten to death for his trouble. Luckily help arrived before this occurred, as his sister managed to escape in the confusion and call for help.

He spent several weeks in hospital, and once he recovered he tried to help Kate deal with what had happened as best he could - but the experience changed her, and a rift rapidly grew between the pair. Alex returned to work, but when his parents moved to the Citadel in late 2185 with Kate he quit and followed. He joined CDN six months afterwards, and expressed his desire to join C-Sec. When he was informed how unlikely it would be that he would be hired, he took a job in private security on the advice of some CDN members in the hopes of eventually breaking in.


It is a rare event when Alex takes something seriously. Jokes and sarcasm flow freely from him, though he's not afraid of self-deprecation. However, actions speak louder than words; and Alex is always ready to do the heroic thing, despite personal danger. He can be fearless and downright relentless when the situation calls for it.

Beneath the surface is a different story. Alex despises himself for his drive to be a hero and how he always seems to make things worse. He turned himself into a joke to avoid facing the truth about himself - and when he did, he had an episode of manic depression.

Alex had no experience with romance prior to coming to the boards. Some time after becoming aquainted with Davril he discovered hitherto unknown xenophilic feelings. He has since managed to accept having feelings for a male turian, though it was possibly a unique situation.