Allard Kyarlen was a strong-willed, idealistic man who was determined to make a difference in the galaxy. He led the Trask Interstellar Paladins and was the commanding officer of the MSV Utherius.

He discusses his family here. His biggest fear is described here.

Threads of Note

The Taetrus arc:

Return of the Paladins

The Rookie: Having joined the Paladins, Everett Maliszewski is shown the ropes by Allard on Taetrus.

Paladins: Light Above

Paladins: The Price of Virtue: Allard contacts Maximillian van der Trask, who might be interested in acquiring some Paladins.

Paladins: Shattered Bulwark: Taetrus is done, and Allard is left in a bad way.

Paladins: Arisen: Recovery in the aftermath.

Paladins: New Arrival