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Anagenesis was a neo-Cerberus organization founded by Harris Dawkins, a CDN forum member. The name means 'rebirth' in greek.

Its goal was to claim the mantle of Humanity's protector in a hostile galaxy, and put its chosen species into a position of dominance against other sapients. Preferably without huskifying everyone in the process.

Its known resources included a modular cargo freighter in fuel barge configuration, a portfolio of investments and plain credits that together valued at several million credits. That being said, Anagenesis lacked a steady source of income. Anagenesis also possessed enough small arms to outfit two squads of combatants. The organization's arsenal was inherited from Roswell (see below), who in turn smuggled the Cerberus Hornets and Talons onto the Citadel in preparation for the attempted 2186 coup.

The organization was preceded by Roswell Explorations, a prospecting company that was a front for Cerberus. It is considered to be defunct at present, after all organization staff and assets were seized by the Systems Alliance in Anadius.

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