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Warriors of the Asari Republics.

Although any asari may undertake military training and serve as a soldier given the need, ‘true’ warriors - huntresses - are often regarded as pursuing an innate aptitude and calling. Asari choose to undertake huntress training from a young age, under the supervision of Matriarchs, often former huntresses themselves; these trainees are educated extensively over a period of 20 or 30 years in a wide range of martial arts, military practices, tactics and strategy. The majority of asari are eligible for consideration for training if they so choose, however a certain level of innate biotic potential is expected; asari on the weaker end of the species’ biotic spectrum are generally not accepted as huntresses, no matter how far intensive training may augment said ability as they progress.


Each community trains and outfits its own units. Huntresses travel widely, however, and units frequently share members among one another - thus a huntress from a small community, whose native forces number only a handful equipped with smallarms, may serve aboard a dreadnought operated by a major city, and huntresses originating in secure areas of the Republics may spend the majority of their military careers away from home. The Republican Navy consists of vessels originating from dozens of major Republics, including representatives of many more among their crews; like ground units they cooperate and coordinate their operations as needed, and overall function as effectively as other species’ more centralised navies.

Reaper War

While few in number - the Republican military is among the smallest in galactic history, relative to the size of the population it protects - huntresses’ elite training and equipment, as well as their mastery of guerilla tactics, make them formidable opponents, historically capable of demolishing conventional aggressors through precision strikes and the sowing of disruption. However, faced with an enemy willing and able to endure heavy losses without faltering, huntresses were ill-equipped to mount an immovable defence against direct attack. The Reapers, consisting overwhelmingly of heavy offensive units with no supply lines - and simultaneously attacking the Republics’ allies, who might otherwise have been able to provide conventional forces to bolster defences - inflicted a series of crippling defeats. In light of the severity of the asari defeat there’s been significant debate in the Republics regarding huntress doctrine, and whether it should change.