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Bellator "Bel" Turp, AKA Night Shift, is the resident Civil Oversight Chief of Nos Dwicka (nee Old Nos Astra). An officer by trade, Turp aspires for the limelight - but a mixture of poor luck and worse life choices keep pulling him back towards civic duty.

Turp is a terse talker on the Cerberus boards, regularly condensing commentary to a measly five words per sentence. He rarely breaks this pattern, doing so only in emergencies (or when discussing his favorite subject, trashy soap operas).


Little is known about Turp's early years, though colonial markings indicate that he is Invictan by birth. A hard-working, dutiful man, Turp nonetheless harbored an adventurous streak, remaining in the Hierarchy military long after his boot days to become a fighter pilot.  

Turp excelled at his post during the Reaper War, surviving multiple encounters with Reaper forces (and, indeed, having his image used by Hierarchy propagandists to promote enlisting during wartime and thereafter). It was during this time that he found and married his bondmate Cidessa, a chaplain on the ship that he served upon - but that same adventurous spirit of his brought along a wandering eye, and their marriage suffered as a result.

Turp's image use in military propaganda inspired a desire to return to the limelight during postwar Reconstruction. Recognizing that a sea change was occurring at Tyche Vidcast Syndicate (and the subsequent re-founding of old Nos Astra as Nos Dwicka), Turp and his bondmate moved to Ilium. The two hoped that he could leverage his face for new roles at the newly rebranded Dwick Dwickcast Syndykyt, and though it earn fame and fortune.

Buried under a sea of new talent and shifted expectations, DDS saw no need to cast the war veteran. Turp managed to switch tactics, working for the company's Corporate Security wing, but the entertainment conglomerate's sheer disinterest was a crushing defeat for him. He took comfort by whatever means he could working for the company; tragically, this included lying to Cidessa, claiming he had claimed a role in an upcoming dramedy cast by the company, and losing himself in the comforting morass of soap operas.

This was unsustainable, collapsing when Corporate Security fell under Mekan of Omega's control. Recognizing Turp's communicative efficiency (in spite of some mild insubordination), DDS' new Chief of Security informed him that (having fired half of the team under Dwick's authorization) he was promoting him to second-in-command. Critically, Mekan did this without Turp's consent; even more so, unaware of the state of his domestic life, he informed Cidessa as well.

Cidessa was disgusted by his duplicitous behavior, horrified that they had been living on Illium on false pretenses. She abandoned their marriage on the spot, leaving him a “Dear John” -style letter before boarding the next shuttle off-planet. Broken by his prospects, his perceived betrayal by his CO, and the loss of his bondmate, Turp attempted suicide by jumping.

This attempt did not succeed, but it traumatized Turp and shattered his lower body.  Intensive physical therapy (paid for by a horrified Mekan) returned the majority of his physical faculties, but severe psychosomatic episodes rendered him unable to walk without the use of a cane. The incident fractured his relationship with Mekan; though the latter respected the former’s talents, Mekan never formally apologized to Turp for his actions, always insisting that his actions were performed benevolently and thus required no apology.

Bellator Turp, accosted by fellow CorpSec member Lemalein Lepatomay. Image by Armax_Hammer.

Turp continued to work as the Dwickcast Syndykyt’s Security Lieutenant despite his loathing for his superior officer, considering his duty to the city to be the only responsibility he could cope with. He served Mekan and his cohorts throughout multiple operations, managing the team during times when Mekan was away, and developed a personable relationship with the CEO’s significant other, Drau Lydia.

In the months immediately preceding Dwickrise, Turp was forced to interact with an increasingly erratic Chief of Security and CEO. This resulted in him often cleaning up messes caused by the other two’s actions - including locating helping house Drau Lydia and her father, Jorgal Zoar, who had become homeless in the CEO’s wake. After Mekan’s disappearance, Turp was instrumental in foiling a coup by fellow CorpSec members Lemalein "Lemmus" Lepatomay and Julo "Cragface" Tagris, using his talent in wrangling the various forces across Nos Dwicka to ensure the capture or killing of their fellow conspirators. Turp was wounded grievously in the process, having been shot personally by Lepatomay; however, it was through his and Lydia’s actions that Lepatomay’s hostages could be rescued--and the cop killed in action by a resurgent Dwick.

Nos Dwicka Corporate Security was dissolved in Dwickrise's aftermath. In its wake, Jorgal Dwick and Drau Lydia created Nos Dwicka Civil Protection, a more community-based organization of which Turp was made Civic Oversight Chief. He works there to this day alongside Jorgal Zoar, his second-in-command.

Physical Description

As a former military fighter pilot, Turp is shorter than most turians. This is exaggerated by his bent appearance; a prior injury has permanently crippled one of his legs, forcing him to walk with a limp and a cane (of which he has collected several). Turp has a thin, lanky build, and favors conservative dress when outside of uniform. He takes particular care in maintaining his colonial tattoos as a point of pride.

Turp’s familial relation to two prominent DDS musicians may or may not be a matter of contention.