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Joset Phraag was an elderly salarian male who spent much of his life trying to get out from beyond the grasp of his extended family, and then found himself alone and with very little to do. He posted as Bitterskin, and upon discovering CDN hung around out of general loneliness and fascination, despite being convinced that most of the board was crazy - and possibly involved in a cult centred around a fat krogan. The few people he was convinced weren't in some way mad he tended to try and cultivate relationships with, an effort that rarely succeeded. Desperate to be useful or helpful, he was likely to make offers of assistance to others (particularly fellow salarians, out of his general guilt over turning his back on home); this was more a means of justifying his continued presence than an actual capacity to help.

Avoiding salarian space wherever possible, "Bitterskin" worked in the office of the humans' Interstellar Safari, until retiring a year before the Reaper War. He made it through the war unscathed, but then found himself completely at loose ends, spending most of his time on the extranet. He was unable to reconcile his genuine love of home and concern for the salarian people with the sheer amount of aggravation they caused him, and in practice he spent as much time attacking his own kind as he did defending them. Humans and salarians were both subject to his ire and his affection, and he often bemoaned that he didn't know which species was the more troubling. He had a tendency to mope, as well as a habit of getting involved in extranet arguments where his main "contribution" was to get his various frustrations and insecurities off of his chest - in a manner that proved of no use to anyone. His only real friend at this point was his turian neighbour, who prompted him at times to be a "good citizen" and participate as part of the community. This usually backfired in some way. Prior to his Omega adventure, Bitterskin had no combat experience at all, and had never been seriously injured, though he did once break his foot when a human colleague dropped a globe on it.

His full name was Sur'kesh Tanalat Yuushor-Jat'atat Ji Phraag Joset.


Pessimistic and increasingly unable to cope with a changing galaxy, Bitterskin was intellectually more sophisticated than he was emotionally. If he stopped to think about things, he could be insightful, but that assumed he managed to avoid a knee-jerk emotional overreaction. Although he couldn't stand life in the Salarian Union, he was fearful and critical of any change there, and was clearly conservative in his political views. A low-key but unquestioning believer in the righteousness and benevolence of C-Space, he was disturbed by the dawning understanding that the reality might be something different, and he was deeply fearful of the threatened paradigm shift that would see him less a misplaced piece on the edge of a vast monolithic culture and more just another individual responsible for his own life.

Bitterskin was somewhat racist, though this was more through simple ignorance than malice or hatred - he tended to find the galaxy frustratingly chaotic and was highly security-conscious (read: paranoid). Citadel races (AKA "civilized" species) he had no issues with (apart from his afore-mentioned frustrations with his own people and the humans he lived among, which weren’t racially motivated but were due to his inability to fit in). Krogan he found intimidating, but for that reason he was likely to be careful what he said around them. Vorcha he thought of as talking animals that really shouldn’t be posting on the extranet or acting like people. Geth were basically machines in his book, though that might change if he got to know them better. It was more thoughtlessness and a tinge of fear than actual ill-feeling; Bitterskin was easily made nervous by the more aggressive species.

Later Developments:

After one meltdown too many, Joset had an epiphany of sorts and decided to dive into life at the deep end, to see if he could somehow discover what it actually was to be alive after decades of running and hiding. Bucking up his courage, he travelled to Omega, where he actually did have things to panic about. He was convinced that somehow he would find answers there, even if it killed him - which was a near-inevitability in his view. Eventually, he fled the station ahead of angry krogan, thanks to a life-line from Mekan of Omega. Now on Illium, he seemed at last to have found the balance between the C-space virtues he had always believed in and the unpleasant realities of the seedier, less fortunate part of the galaxy. Having fallen into orbit of Mekan and his mercenary associates, he made the decision to get the most out of his later years by becoming, with much trepidation, a minor part of their unit.

Joset Phraag eventually died in his sleep in a Nos Astra hospital, as old age caught up with him following a last trip home to Sur'Kesh.

With a recent acquaintance. Art by the very talented Armax Hammer!

A view on salarians

Well, about salarian lifespans; I'm not, like, a biologist or anything, but we're explosive breeders. You humans are slow, 'cause it takes you so long to grow up, right? And you have, like, one child at a time. You're more conservative, biologically I mean. We, we produce a lot of children; our females don't even need to be fertilized to set up a brood. Unlike *some people* who function on the explosive model, we're smart enough to balance population against resources or available space, and to keep things stable politically. The number of females, it's low. But when each female can produce out of nowhere a batch of males who can then mate with other females and make more females who can make more males immediately....I mean, we're like the sort of creature that you can't get rid of, you know? Fast-paced, big broods, takes only one or two of us in an area and then we're everywhere. Linking up where we can, big webs of us across the ecosystem. All very fast, metabolisms and reflexes are....well, faster than yours. It's...it's really quite beautiful, really.

But the thing is, we grow up fast for the same reason we think and talk and react fast; we needed to. So that whatever happened, there would always be enough salarians to assert some sort of grip.

We're...well, we're like those - what are they called, the ones that hop and give out chocolate? - rabbits. I mean, ironically, since we don't have that sex drive the rest of you have, but.... I guess that's also why we like to identify and deal with threats before they become threats. We're reactive survivalists, but when we get numerous enough and our political webs are strong enough, we can start reacting....before the action. If that makes sense?


Finlin Phraag

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