Blood Never Lies is the debut novel of forensic analyst Asharia T'Saeri (under the pseudonym Reena Tayn), the first in a potential series of crime mysteries. Ms. T'Saeri had previously written academic articles, and the textbook Blood Spatter and You.

Blood Never Lies focuses on a team of law enforcement officials on the fictional Serpent Nebula Terran colony New New York, made up of two humans, an asari, a turian, and an elcor. A serial killer is stalking its way through New Manhattan and leaving a trail for them to follow. They need to find out who he is and where he'll be as soon as possible... all the while, the death toll grows.

The pseudonym Reena Tayn was invented by the novel's publishers prior to publication. Blood Never Lies was written in Terran English (translations are available), and has proven popular with readers of all species; within a month of its release it reached the Citadel best-seller charts, reaching its top ranking of number three two months later.