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A planet in the Satent System of the Pylos Nebula.

A young volus colony world, it was settled in 2180 in defiance of a threat by local pirate groups. Although uncomfortably hot by volus standards, Boro has the rare combination of high pressure and ammonia, an ecology the species require. Development of the colony was soon proceeding rapidly.

The capital is Yila.


The pirates, who couldn’t use the world themselves, “suggested” that the volus “hire” them to protect the colony. The volus responded by requesting military protection from their turian allies. The Technocracy of Valkar, the largest nation in the Pylos Nebula, continued to covertly sponsor privateers to raid various shipping lines around the Satent System. Colonial development interests on Irune were soon petitioning the Vol Protectorate to push the Turian Hierarchy into sending warships to guard the system from any pirate attacks. This could establish a precedent for a more permanent Hierarchy presence in-system, something it was unlikely the Valkar would be appreciative of.

Boro's colony set up a few automated ice cracking stations around Nataisa, a planet in the same system, and Narhu Combine was contracted to set up a helium-3 extraction facility. Unfortunately, construction lagged due to the CEO's arrest in a kickback scandal that reaches to the highest levels of the Vol Ministry of the Frontier.


Hamno and Black Nova: The mercenaries of Black Nova are hired to "remove" a number of people, and there are further plans for Boro.

Mercenary Hiring Rush: Some of the fallout reaches Druss Jorkakt, currently at the world in question.

Operation Shopping List: The shenanigans come to the attention of Hierarchy operatives in the Terminus, such as Juhani.

Market Crash: Action on Boro, as Black Nova make their move.

Freak Explosion Makes the News: What the galaxy hears.

Pinning the Blame: Who will be the scapegoat for the attack?

Investigation Report

Doomsday: The various players assemble.

How Many Biotics?: Black Nova and Hamno head toward a confrontation.