Broken Ground Botanicals was a greenhouse/produce business on the Citadel. The brainchild of botanist Hansa'Tel vas Rakora nar Devlon, Broken Ground was intended as a self-funding preservation site for quarian fruits, vegetables and spices originating on Rannoch, which were naturally extremely rare commodities. Although a great many were lost entirely, due to having never been transplanted off Rannoch, or having been discarded by the early Migrant Fleet to prioritise secure, high-yield crops to maintain food supplies, Hansa'Tel acquired an impressive selection of over 150 plant species, sourced from botanical gardens and greenhouses that acquired samples of Rannoch plantlife prior to the geth war and maintained them since, or grown from geneprints gathered pre-war by survey institutions.

Due to Rannoch's unusual pattern of fertilisation vectors, the majority of Broken Ground's stock suffered from the same vulnerability to alien allergens as quarians themselves; in many cases, generations of controlled greenhouse conditions exacerbated this, in the same manner as life on the Flotilla has further weakened the quarian immune system. Broken Ground's greenhouse facilities were thus highly controlled environments, requiring workers to wear envirosuits, whether they were quarian or other species.

Produce from Broken Ground was sold directly from its Citadel location, or via extranet purchase, in coordination with a separate distribution company. As sold, the produce was tolerably safe for quarians to consume directly, although it had to be kept in sterile packaging before eating, and certain hard limits on the duration of safe storage exist, which made long-distance shipping impossible beyond a certain range.

In addition to employees acquired through conventional sources, Broken Ground had a number of workers who were placed there by the Citadel Anti-Slavery League, as part of their rehabilitation programs following their rescue from slavery conditions.


Following the reclamation of Rannoch during the Reaper War, Hansa'Tel returned there, managing a farm still called "Broken Ground". The grains were mostly grown by people resettled from the Rayya. She later managed to arrange things so she could be a part of efforts on the Citadel, working with retailers and partnering with a selection of culinary schools to help put traditional quarian ingredients into context. Extranet sites for the various events were planned, and Hansa announced a move back to the Citadel, at least part time.

Former Staff


Reasons to be Happy: Najhil, Kolya Wright, Kaneel'Jorash nar Sombrei and Hansa share some time together at Broken Ground, in the aftermath of the Cerberus Coup and the reclamation of Rannoch.


Our Rannoch Farm Is Finally Producing: Hansa's post-war return, reporting in from Rannoch.

Back on the Citadel: Najhil gives an enthusiastic hello.