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Salarians represent the drive of curiosity and science at CDN and in the Mass Effect Universe. Joining with the asari to create the Citadel Council, the salarians have a hyperactive metabolism that drives them to think fast, talk fast, and move fast when compared to other species; the drawback to this, however, is that they have less than one-third the lifespan of a human.

Salarians also have a very secretive streak that often brings them into conflict with the rest of the galaxy. Having uplifted the krogan specifically as cannon fodder for the Rachni Wars, they later neutered them with turian assistance when they overran the Council during the Krogan Rebellions. The STG is also looked upon with suspicion, as they represent the elite of covert intelligence and are thus the salarians’ most potent weapon.

Since the Reaper War, the Salarian Union has been on bad terms with the rest of the Council races, as they have been comparatively untouched and consider the lifting of the Genophage to be a grave mistake. Their commerce, however, is crucial to the galactic economy, and many salarian businesses, organizations and projects remain crucial to rebuilding devastated planets.

For more information on the salarians post-Reaper War, please consult the Retrospectives.

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