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Kodiak Cobalt
Username: #2d4b75
Species: Drell
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Occupation: Assassin, Information Broker
Location: ?
Marital Status: Single
Eye color: Black
Height: 6'7"
Build: Swimmer Bod
Character Status: Yikes.
Discord/IRC: Muqington

Kodiak Cobalt is a drell born and trained on the planet Kahje. He is known for his employment under the hanar as part of the Compact, as well as many side jobs that now include information dealing. He has a rather brash personality through his quiet quips, and doesn't seem afraid to throw insults around like it's his second nature. He has a very strong view of the world and can be closed-minded, but recent developments have made Cobalt question some of his strongest beliefs. He can be very protective when he has something worth protecting.


Tall for a drell, Cobalt stands at a towering 6'7". He has a lean and muscular build. His long limbs leave his torso looking on the short end. His large hands end in five thin fingers, the middle and ring of which fused. In general, Cobalt looks as if he could squeeze into some fairly narrow places.

Cobalt is a dark periwinkle shade with the implication of freckles scattered across his scales. Both his chin and palms are a much faded out and lighter color. His fringe is darker in color than the rest of his body. Across his stomach from hip to hip, Cobalt has a scar that implies he may have had a bad run in with something very sharp. The scar has healed cleanly, and has faded over the past few years.

Kodiak's Unofficial Official Redesign

The bridge of Cobalt's nose is wideset, but crooked, possibly from a previous break. He has small lips, and a carapace above his eyes that comically resemble human brows. While drell don't typically wrinkle, the underside of Cobalt's eyes has visibly darkened, giving his black eyes a sunken in look. When the light shines just right, a blue iris can be seen. He has a very clear pink waterline.

Multiple piercings adorn Cobalt's face and fringe. It can be presumed that these piercings extend to the rest of his body. These piercings look like thick staples, and are most notably on the following parts of his face: Two under each eye, three on each side of his nose, two along the inner side of his fringe, one between his lip and his nose, and two on each side of the fringe lining his neck.


Cobalt was born on the planet Kahje, and began his assassin training under the Compact late at age seven. He preformed his first professional job at fourteen. Though a late bloomer, Cobalt quickly grew past the height of other drell his age. He quickly learned his limitations through some fairly rough trial and error, but the experiences got him to work smarter instead of harder. This lead to some intense perfectionism, and thus would only take on jobs he believed he could do cleanly. For a strong majority of his life, Cobalt took the Compact incredibly seriously, and willfully remained ignorant to others less fortunate than him. As soon as he was able, Cobalt left Kahje to take on jobs off-planet, his primary drive being his fear of Kepral's Syndrome.

Cobalt was close enough to his hanar handler that he was granted the right to it's soul name. He will never refer to this hanar by either it's face name or soul name in conversation, as a sign of respect, as well an anonymity. As far as his world knows, his handler is merely a concept. He has described his handler as being looser on the terms of their contract than most. The two had a familiar relationship, and Cobalt was more than able to travel and take on side jobs. Because of this, he once had a very positive view about the Compact.

Four Years

This section is a WIP and may have typos and poorly sorted information. Please mind the mess.

A lot can happen in four years. A life can change within a few months.

Approximately three years prior to this articles current edit date, Cobalt was summoned back to Kahje for a contract. This contract, having already been signed by Cobalt's Compact signature, would grant him a single apprentice who had already signed onto the Compact, but proved unable to proceed within the standard classmate setting. Without any prior knowledge of training young compactees, Fenhaleryn believed this test of will could lead to opportunity for Cobalt to expand responsibility within the Compact. Cobalt, upon finding this out, took to the news negatively, a feeling which only got stronger the more information he received. This contract was proposed by Akura, and later approved by a company of hanar and drell, of which included Fenhaleryn and Yukka. Eyito was signed onto Cobalt's contract no less than two weeks after Cobalt's arrival back on Kahje, with little say from the drell on the matter.

Within a year of confinement to Kahje, a stark difference from his traveling lifestyle, Cobalt gained a cough. Within two, he was diagnosed with Kepral's Syndrome. A meeting was drawn on whether or not to continue Cobalt's mentorship. Due to impressive mental progress from Eyito, it was decided the apprenticeship would continue so long as Cobalt's condition didn't worsen. As of current, this agreement is still in place. He was given permission just recently to begin taking Eyito off-planet under the guise of showing her places of note.


Ihiki Kais (15, left), Kodiak Cobalt (16, middle), and Akura Kais (15, right) show off their Compact brands in a graduation photo taken by Esme Theet.

Fenhaleryn (Thalassic Rays of the Aphotic Sunset) - Hanar Handler - The two are very close, having an almost familiar bond. While Cobalt doesn't visit often, preferring to stay off Kahje, the two contact each other on nearly a daily basis. These conversations rarely actually speak about the Compact.

Unknown (Deceased) - Parents - Not much is known about Cobalt's family other than they had died early on in his life. It was heavily implied during his training in the Compact that they likely were very sick, and possibly a link to Cobalt's fear of Kepral's. He surprisingly remembers little about them.

Akura Kais - Ex-Girlfriend - Akrua and Cobalt trained together since they were little. They had always been good friends, and dated for some time. It quickly became apparent they did not belong together due to (in Akura's words) Cobalt's "cowardice". The two remained close, even after their break-up, and often rely on each other for the transfer of information.

Yukka Kais - Unliked Acquaintance - Father to Akura, Kais and Cobalt have never gotten along. Kais has had six children, all of which girls, and all of which following the firstborn Akura's steps into the Compact. Kais strongly resents Cobalt for daring to date his eldest, and even more after the commitment didn't last. Cobalt takes the hanar approach of killing with kindness when around Kais.

Eyito "Violet" Kais - Apprentice - The youngest of the Kais family and Akura's sister, Violet has tagged herself with the nickname in order to "match Cobalt's name". Cobalt doesn't much call her that unless she insists (and boy does she insist). When Violet turned six, Kais urged her to join the Compact despite her protests. When it became apparent he wasn't going to take "no" for an answer, Akura stepped in. She put in a good word and much to Cobalt's dismay, struck a contract with Fenhaleryn. Cobalt is bitter towards the Kais family as a whole, but does not project onto the little prodigy Violet has turned out to be. In fact, when she isn't insisting on her colorful nickname, Cobalt has on more than one occasion referred to her as "Star-shine".


Black Widow - Cobalt's weapon of choice. It was stolen out of a supply cache for the spectre requisitions. Some stories are better never told.

M-98 Widow - Cobalt's backup weapon of choice. He acquired this one legally, he swears. He has the papers from Kassa Fabrication as proof.

Tactical Cloak - Cobalt may cloak for the maximum of 13.6 seconds. Firing his weapon breaks this cloak.

Disruptor Ammo - Cobalt's bullets of choice have a stunning reaction if the target is not killed.

Sticky Grenades - Cobalt has 6 sticky grenades that can be stuck and left for up to 15 seconds, going off when someone approaches their radius, or at the end of their timers.


  • Refer to Cobalt as a moody teenager. Do it. It'll be funny, I promise.
  • Cobalt is not a fan of sweet drinks. He prefers his drinks bitter, like his personality.
  • 26 is not old. Do not believe Cobalt when he acts like it is.
  • There is an ice cream made by the Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company called Exhausted Parent™. It's bourbon-spiked espresso ice cream. Do with this information as you please.

Threads of Note

Introduction: Arrival on CDN, and an immediate discussion about the Compact.

Small Galaxy Out There: While on Illium, Cobalt bumps into Lacertilia (Afiyi Maos), his very anti-Compact counterpart.

Enkindlers: Cobalt's contribution to a discussion of the Kahjean gods.

Recently, Cobalt has returned to the forums of CDN to fend off his boredom. It is heavily implied he has been over-exerting himself, but he seems to be keeping quiet about the details of his absence.

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