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"Your genes are polluted with illiteracy and stupidity" - Kari'Zar nar Tasi

Dani'Koara nar Zatee, known to CDN as simply "Dani", is a young quarian who has yet to return from Pilgrimage, and seems determined to live down to every unflattering quarian stereotype in the book.

Her posts are often narcissistic, irrelevant to the topic at hand, insulting, and lacking in the fundamentals of correct grammar and syntax. There is more to her than meets the eye, though. She's apparently managed to court a rather influential asari.

Once based on Omega, she has since moved to Illium.

Threads of Note

Dani Meets Senn: Not a good idea on Senn's part.

Fleet and Flotilla: Dani's opinions on the classic film.

So Can I Add "Vas" to My Name?: Dani decides "screw tradition", but her decision not to return home leaves her with questions to be resolved.

Arm Wrestling: Dani is making money on Illium. How? Arm wrestling. She also challenges Branka.

Someone's Been In My Apartment: Dani's Omega home apparently suffered unwanted visitors while she was on Illium.

Trying To Think: Dani is trying to find some peace and quiet... and is upside down.

Needing A New Envirosuit: Dani insists she needs an upgrade. Leading to...

Dani Robbed Me: Jil'Korah learns a valuable lesson about trusting Dani.

Good Thing About Being Quarian: You can kick people and do some damage!

A Defence of the Little Fish: Officer Emon Rupo explains in this post why one would be wrong to underestimate Dani.

I'm Out of Credits and Stuck On Illium: Oh no.

I'm Officially Dating A Matriarch: She is, apparently.

With Much Irritation: Help: Dani's translator has been tampered with.

Rematch: Dani and Branka arm-wrestle again. Dani cheats, apparently.

Quick, Sign This!: Dani's abs should be a recognized cultural treasure, or so she decides.

Xeezha Should Be Banned: Dani, cultural policewoman.

I Need Me Time: In a bar, Dani has a run-in with Turul, Druss Jorkakt and Bitterskin (Joset Phraag).

There Will Be Proof In This Thread!: Dani will show CDN that her muscles are indeed real!

I Need Work: Dani searches for employment, and CDN is surprisingly helpful.

She Threw Me Out!: Relationship troubles.

Taking A Break From A Relationship: They talked it over.

Job Hunting: Is Dani going to be a mercenary? Aleena T'Saris offers options.

Cleaning House: Dani helps Lydia's father deal with squatters on Lydia's property while Lydia herself is on Tuchanka.

The Only Good Human Holiday: Shockingly, Dani approves... of Heart Day (Valentine's).

Tell Me About Your First Kiss: Passion, thy name is Dani.

Batarian Gautlets R Awesome: Dani has some new toys.

Challenge To An Irritating Creature: It's Styia Vs Dani. Who will win? We find out here.

Bounty: Dani jumps on the opportunity to play bounty hunter, and along with Druss is on the trail of a certain blue drell. It leads to Dani in batarian prison

Three Fingered Discount: Dani returns to old habits and pickpockets Nara T'Cyone. But Vornyl Gabbleblotchits is on the case (and that's not all she's on). 

Thessia: After the above incident, Dani has credits to spare and decides to go to sexy matriarch central.  

I Don't Cheat: Apparently, Thessia wasn't all she hoped it to be. What sort of "cheating" are we talking about, anyway?