David Lawrence is a human C-SEC officer. Born on Mindoir, he served in the Alliance military as an MP for ten years. He currently works and lives in the Zakera Ward. He uses the handle "Meshakhad" on the extranet.


David was born and raised on the colony of Mindoir in 2167. His parents were Joseph and Sandra Lawrence. Joseph was a pediatrician, and Sandra was a mechanic. They also had a daughter, Carmen, who was two years older than David.

He was 13 during the slaver attack, which killed his entire family. At the time, David was camping in the forest with a small group of friends, and escaped the carnage. This group included his future wife Sakura Batu.

Initially, the Alliance planned to send the Mindoir orphans to live with their surviving relatives, most of whom were on Earth. However, David and his friends reacted to their loss by becoming extremely tight-knit, and all refused to leave Mindoir. On the advice of psychiatrists, they were allowed to stay, and were instead adopted by Maria San Paulo, a local survivor.

David received little formal biotic training during his youth, but he studied asari techniques in his own spare time, and had received an L3 implant at age 12. He enlisted with the Alliance upon graduating high school, and served as part of the military police.

In 2178, David married Sakura Batu. She moved to Arcturus Station to be with him, and followed him for most of his career. He mustered out in 2184 and joined C-SEC. Sakura lives with him on the station. She works as an extranet site designer.

Combat Abilities

David is a skilled biotic, and uses his abilities to disable criminals. He rarely uses his gun, preferring to hurl large objects at his enemies (or his enemies at large objects). He doesn't peak particularly high, but he has excellent precision and control of his abilities. He attributes this to a daily training regimen.


- David's background is the Colonist background available to Shepard, with the alteration that David is three years younger than Shepard. If the Shepard in the CDN universe were a Colonist, it is likely that he/she would have met David.

- While not based on his player, David is stated to be descended from his player, and has inherited the online alias "Meshakhad".