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Death to Dreadnoughts (Adrianea Galaex)
Username: Death to Dreadnoughts
Species: Turian
Age: N/A
Date of Birth: N/A
Occupation: Hierarchy Internal Security Agent
Location: The Citadel
Marital Status: Single, (Widowed)
Height: N/A
Weight: I have no idea
Affiliations: Hierarchy Internal Intelligence Bureau.

Adrianea is a turian agent for the Hierarchy's Internal Intelligence Bureau. She infiltrated the Sundowner Clan on the Citadel during the Reaper War via a romantic liaison with Martello Hasta. She posed as a separatist-sympathizer on the Cerberus Daily News boards and seduced the young separatist, first dating him and then marrying him and helping to take care of his daughter.

Albert Lowell, suspecting her to be more than she pretended to be, invited her to his apartment. Thanks to some bluffing involving false witness statements and a proposition to sleep with him, he discovered her true identity. To make matters worse he had filmed the whole incident.

Adrianea used her infiltration of the Sundowners to gather information that led to Sicaria Perihelion's arrest and sentencing. She continued her infiltration after the arrest, until her husband died during the Reaper Assault on the Citadel.

She openly works for Hierarchy Internal Security now, and has hired mercenaries for them after the war.

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