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Decimus Torquatus is a male turian from Thessia and Taetrus.  He's soon to turn 30 and is unsure of whether to end his career in the military and try something else, or continue as he is.  He plays a lot of video games in his spare time, particularly Galaxy of Fantasy, which is where he found Yemiss.





  • Ilix Ibrios and Darinius Torquatus were childhood friends who ended up marrying.
  • Darinius was killed in combat; shortly after, Ilix learned she was pregnant.  She went to Thessia to stay with her brother and sister-in-law.  It was there that her child was exposed to element zero.


  • Decimus was born in about 2161.
  • He was born on and grew up on Thessia.
  • He had discipline problems; he was a bit of a troublemaker.

Boot Camp & Service

  • Biotic capabilities were discovered.
  • He was fitted with an amp.
  • He opted to go to turian space, and to boot camp.  He had family on Taetrus, and so it was there that he was sent to.
  • Much of his training taking place in Diluvia.
  • He excelled with weaponry and the use of biotics.
  • He was assigned to a Cabal in Taetrus.
  • He grew close to them; they were like an extended family to him.
  • Their missions took them through the hazardous Taetrian marshlands, fighting Separatists, thugs, and dangerous animals.

The War on Taetrus

The Reaper War



  • He often goes by "Des."