Eccentric Esoterica

No-one really knows what this strange organisation is -- the most common theory is that it's some odd religion dedicated to trade and exchange. Operating from the Terminus Systems, where it maintains a collection of secretive vaults that are well-protected (but strangely rarely seem to hire from outside), its bizarre spokesbeings periodically descend upon local information nets and extranet forums alike to auction off odd and unique items collected diligently from around the galaxy. The actual monetary value of these items varies from worthless to priceless, but all are sold for whatever the chosen bidder happens to offer -- it's believed any funds are probably used to finance acquisition of further unique items. The items are always delivered exactly as offered by couriers, often VI-piloted pods but sometimes living beings, and Eccentric Esoterica is not known to cheat or deceive. It appears its bizarre, half-crazed organisers are genuinely dedicated to spreading the wonder of the unique across the galaxy.

They have many treasures, but despite the insistence of Afiyi Maos they do not possess the skull of Yaaaaargh, pirate scourge of the Rainreaved Ocean and Greater Terminus area.


Place Your Bids Now!: Gracing CDN

Make Your Offer!: The second appearance.

Items offered:

  • The stuffed body of Krek Krek the Unpredictable Gnawr: Purchased by Raik Turak.
  • Three of Goronak's Fucking Legs: One purchased by Perplexure.
  • A chipped wineglass once disdainfully shoved aside by His Grace Mano'har-Mohak Vorkhet Jagdish-Dasharathak IX, Esq.: NOT PURCHASED
  • The armour of krogan-aligned elcor, Ravanor Nuumyn: Purchased by Emon Spiza.
  • Two batarian Aptorian Signet daggers: One purchased by Cati, one by Plurplexure.
  • human kirpan: Purchased by Malxoltin Hamno.
  • Five asari senla mistblades: All five purchased by Grisank Vimanthia.
  • "Naked Metallic Beauty" paper codex catalogue: Purchased -- belatedly -- by Peregrinus Worag.
  • A sealed briefcase of custom make, keyed to a particular unknown volus XNA signature: After much competition, purchased by Lydia.
  • 27 melted Geth chassis: Purchased by Inveigher (yes, all 27)
  • Blade of Mirava Guest Book: NOT PURCHASED.
  • A block of fused and melted stone from the Doranen Building on Lorek: Purchased by Emon Spiza.
  • A litter of five vorcha: Purchased -- adopted, essentially -- by Branka.
  • The (supposed) tailbones of Kredak Noogh, drawn from the Garvug dig site: Purchased by Emon Spiza.
  • A ceremonial staff once used by the Spectre Harvidius Bato: Purchased by Br'uuj.
  • Pull-my-string Donnel Udina doll, from a line of Invictan novelty items: Purchased by Hamno.
  • A model of performance artist and songwriter Keyva Sanyves, constructed of sunstone and Ulessian Feldspar: Purchased by Nara T'Cyone.
  • Hull plating recovered from the dropship Tikkun's Halo.
  • Three hibernating pods of prorgoo: Purchased by Akkam of the Blood Pack, for delivery to Heshtok.
  • Memorial Sphere for unknown individual: Purchased by Nara T'Cyone (it turned out to be from historic astronaut Helisi B'Karya)
  • The cursed pistol of Kem'Dharl: After much back-and-forth, sniped by Bellator Turp
  • A fossilised proto-turian fringe spine dated to three million Before Council Era: Purchased by Nak.
  • Seven Justicar porcelain dolls: Purchased by Druss Jorkakt
  • A bottle of 2143 Ran-Sen'Kos coort: Purchased by Druss Jorkakt
  • An unknown mummified creature in a jar: Purchased by Raik Turak.
  • A mexta with a hilt carved with poetry.
  • A plaster caste of the supposed footprint of Father Thunder, semi-mythical verlori carnosaur.
  • A prosthetic eye intended for elcor: Purchased by Grenak.
  • A defaced portrait ostensibly by the artist L'Tenh: Purchased by Grisank Vimanthia.
  • The Dekuunomicon: Purchased by Ferem Baccath.
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