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"My name is Esarkhad Adar, Captain of the Crimson Suns. To most of you I’m Collar -- a name I earned by deed. Nobility in exile, I was the terror of the Juni Arcology. I deliver my enemies into slavery, and have watched them fight and die for my amusement, their final breaths cursing my name. I was victorious at Rhotan, I laid the trap on Xiang Shui Kou, and I am the purge of Xamdos. I stood against the gods themselves and screamed in their faces as they fell."

-- Response to a request from a yahg for one's accomplishments and accolades.

A male batarian, known on CDN as "Collar". A captain in the Crimson Suns, and an Acquisitions Specialist.


His father was a member of the Aptorian Guard.

At eleven years old, he was left to the streets of Omega. He wasn’t a citizen of the Hegemony anymore - although he’d been born there, he was erased from the official record when his father’s unit was purged. So far as the Hegemony was concerned, young Esarkhad didn’t exist.

He wound up joining the Kasathar; from there, he found himself in the Crimson Chains.

Threads of Note

Dust to Gold: Collar makes a delivery for Shirin Vedral.

Sailor, Rich Man, Poor Man, Thief: Assisting against the people who destroyed Entish.

Neo-Colonial Overlords: The Crimson Suns on Camala.

Enough Krorgies: The krogan are complicating his new assignment.

DDS Work: Responding to an open offer from Mekan of Omega, Adar decides he'll give Dwick Dwickcast Syndykyt a try.