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A batarian, formally of the Special Intervention Unit.

He had a reputation as a reliable ally, known for being a biotic with a considerable and somewhat unorthodox skillset, as well as showing a good education in the natural sciences, biology in particular. He was, though, infamous for being somewhat impulsive and unreasonably adventurous at times. Infuriatingly difficult to take down or otherwise get rid of, verbally compared to a Terran cockroach at several points, a brighter part of his reputation presented him as someone who did his best to keep collateral damage to infrastructure and civilians as low as possible, despite being remarkably ferocious in open combat.

He was known to ally himself with entities of decent reputation even in the most lawless regions, and had a small history of conflict with maliciously-intended programs to reverse engineer Reaper technology. Having gone through a severe neural and mental trauma caused by the indoctrination process at the very end of the War, he was highly motivated to stop any entity from attempting to research and weaponize indoctrination technology. Baccath was known to voluntarily involve himself in extremely dangerous situations under ideological and moral motivation rather than the more material, though he still would attempt to draw some sort of profit from such endeavours if possible.

Physical Appearance

"Got told once that I'm kinda ugly, 'cause the upper four of my nostrils are too narrow. (That's a general trait of my ethnicity, by the way). Skin coloration... I'm rusty-orange with butter-yellow cartilage ridges, and this combination is considered either very attractive or almost disgusting, depending on who you ask."


Ferem was born on Khar'shan, but spent only his baby years there. He grew up on Camala, and the Hegemony allowed the colonization of the planet by other species. Ferem therefore had (and took) many opportunities to socialise with them and learn more about other parts of the Galaxy.


  • His parents, Prasvan and Gelea, both scholars. They're on good terms with Ferem, though he has to keep much of what he's doing a secret from them, for their peace of mind.
  • A sister, Denna. He's on very good terms with her. She has two adopted batarian children and an adopted vorcha child (Gycha), to the shock of some of her neighbours. She's also considered the unofficial head of the family.
  • An elder brother, Kramo. Ferem is also on good terms with him, but they're slightly distant due to radically different personalities. Kramo has two biological children.
  • Kramen Soth’mal, Ferem's father’s cousin. See: The Darkening Cloud.
  • Grandfather Dakon. A radical Na’hesit (pro-slavery). Despite all the conflict due to ideology he was on good terms with Ferem, but he "kinda went off the deep end" when both Ferem and Soth'mal had to leave SIU. He found that to be a disgrace and practically disowned them. He once tried to kill Gycha.
  • There are also people who are not blood kin but are essentially Ferem's aunt and uncle. They were technically slaves pre-war (though Ferem's father, being an Ub’hesit to the marrow, paid them) and they became part of the family openly post-Hegemony. They have a child, too.

(Ferem is a second son, but to his relief avoided becoming a Goronak.)


Nowadays, he cannot tolerate even a small amount of alcohol; it will likely kill him.

Ferem discusses the strange injuries he's suffered here.

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