Maximillian van der Trask, better known as Ferrus, is the founder, CEO and President of the colonial development conglomerate Trask Interstellar. Incredibly wealthy and a devoted husband, he lives in a submarine mansion on Proteus with his wife.

Said wife, Reena'van der Trask vas Makarov nar Radwaf, is a quarian.

Maximilian himself is the only surviving member of his family. He hasn't set foot on Earth in over twenty years and has no desire to ever do so again.


A patron of the arts, a connoisseur of Baroque/Classical music and a sharp dresser.


There's a ship named after him in the quarian Migrant Fleet.

Threads of Note

Suri'Neyvi: Maximillian decides to take in a mentally unstable quarian teenager.

Discoveries: A TraskInt operation is targeted by Abad Sam-mel. Also featuring Vath Darder -- only he would be so bold.

Welcome Home: As promised, the van der Trasks bring Suri'Neyvi home to Proteus.

im gonna commit a cuiside: Suri'Neyvi continues to be unstable. Maximillian and other posters try to be delicate. It transpires - possibly - that it was all a gambit on Suri's part.

Paladins: The Price of Virtue: Maximillian acquires some Paladins.

Attention, Slavers: The sequel to "Discoveries".

Wanted: Van der Trask places a huge bounty on Abad's head.


Assessment: Of Paroc Didonas.

The Black Sheep and the Beard: Meeting with a nephew on the Citadel.

Welcome to Meergard: After an unforeseen extension to their Citadel visit, Maximilian and Reena finally return home, with their nephew, Atem.

Closed Communication: Mr. van der Trask, about your seaweed: Business with Lepantis Corvax.

Policy Revision: Abad and the Crimson Chains have resurfaced. Maximilian has new policies for the attention of Stanley Jackson.

Zast Rescue Effort: Some of the original bounty money for Abad is now put to a different use; restoring the ecosystem of Zast.

The Road To Serfdom: Virnius Shin is recruited.