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A highly popular multiplayer extranet roleplaying game. Galaxy of Fantasy is set in a fictional world drawing heavily on various mythologies, foremost among them turian (since the game originates with them). Players take the role of an adventurer from one of many character types -- warriors, mystics, assassins, etc. -- and increase their power by completing quests on behalf of numerous factions.

Characters can reach a maximum of Level 650.

Galaxy of Fantasy contributed to the spread of portrayals of the little-understood Ardat-Yakshi phenomenon beyond asari cultures, though it bases the characterisations and supernatural abilities of its Ardat-Yakshi character classes on the Malari, rather than anything realistic.

A special ability of the Batarian Warlock class, meanwhile, relates to the mythology of Khar'ub-ki.

Among the CDN users fond of the game were Daia Caran (despite an initial bad impression), Telos Mallenis (until he lost interest during the Reaper conflict), Suri'Neyvi, and Thel'Adean.

Confirmed Character Classes (with Confirmed Race Combos)

Choose from any of the following and more!

  • Aquamancer (quarian, krogan -- the latter for fun, since it's an awful class/race matchup)
  • Ardat-Yakshi Necromancer (asari, likely exclusive to the race)
  • Ardat-Yakshi Pyromancer (asari, likely exclusive to the race)
  • Beastmaster (krogan)
  • Bloodreaver (krogan)
  • Bonecrafter (batarian)
  • Centurion (turian)
  • Eternity Priestess (asari, possibly exclusive to the race)
  • Hierophant (turian, other races): Before the March 2185 patch, the Hierophants were ridiculously overpowered.
  • Inquisitor (batarian)
  • Malian-Yakshi Riever (asari, likely exclusive to the race)
  • Paladin (turian)
  • Psyflayer (salarian)
  • Pyroknight
  • Ranger (turian)
  • Spiritwalker (turian)
  • Warlock (batarian)


It's Back... But With A Catch: In the aftermath of the war, the servers are back online. Leading to...

One Month On: CDN has been playing.

Newest Version: CDN plays the latest version, a few years on.