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Gatta Private Military Contractor is a lightweight defense outfit based out of the Attican Traverse. It was founded and chartered on Virmire in 2187, to serve the region's security and military demands. They are aligned with the Systems Alliance's interests in the region, and as such their personnel can be found participating in Alliance operations in the Traverse.

Force Composition

The company's core personnel consist of humans and turians, but the "franchising" service offered by Gatta to non-organized mercenaries means makeup of their units can be racially very wide-ranging.


Gatta's activities mostly concern providing site security to businesses and motorized infantry companies for military operations. They possess a small fleet of ships with minimal armaments.

The company also provides a franchising service, which works on the principle of Gatta supplying logistics and training support to smaller and non-organized mercenaries who operate as a "child" contractor, who in turn agree to wear Gatta's insignia and colours during assignments and turn in agreed shares of the profits to the "mother" contractor.


Gatta was founded by two military units stranded in the Attican Traverse after the end of the Reaper War, the Systems Alliance 351th Frontier Brigade and the Turian Hierarchy 606th Celeritia Brigade. The founding humans of Gatta are covert Marauder operatives, while the founding turians have been declared to be in desertion of service from the Hierarchy.

The company became involved in the Systems Alliance-Vies War of 2190 on the Alliance's side.

OOC Notes

Gatta PMC is freely available for players who wish to use their mercenary characters in operations with the Systems Alliance, but do not want to operate as part of Alliance itself.