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Recruited directly from the Aptorian Guard into the Special Intervention Unit to provide security for the fledgling Crimson Chains, Goronak Ilorik is a batarian in his early 40’s currently leading the Lorek Crimson Chains alongside Melek Ib-bar. Like Melek, Goronak is recognizable by his extraordinary height, standing nearly seven feet tall, but in sharp contrast to his partner Goronak is heavily built and of dark complexion. Unlike most of the Crimson Chains leadership, his former military record was never classified to any extraordinary degree, but it was also among the least eventful.

Born to a noble caste family on Khar'shan, Goronak was enlisted into the Aptorian Guard at a young age and spent the next twenty-five years providing security for Khar’shanian nobility. Like most Aptorians, he was approached by various intelligence agencies and private concerns on Khar’shan seeking access to the corridors of power, but until the Special Intervention Unit offered him a chance to leave the planet he showed no interest.

Goronak’s expertise lies primarily in equipment and protection, and as such he took on the dual roles of head of security and armsmaster for the Crimson Chains. He was largely responsible for the Chains’ reputation for both high quality equipment and training, which he regards as an essential difference between a professional organization and a motley assembly of freelancers.

As armsmaster, he accompanied Abad Sam-mel to Lorek and engaged the Reapers there. Goronak was badly wounded killing one of the huskforms commonly known as ‘Brutes’, losing the use of both legs, but survived the Reaper War and is currently receiving physiotherapy to get used to cybernetic replacements. Until his rehabilitation is complete he walks with the assistance of either crutches or a cane, and takes less of an active role in the Lorek Crimson Chains than he would like. Regardless, his expertise is valued and forms a core component of their post-war emphasis on security and private military services.

As a key member of the Lorek Crimson Chains and former member of the SIU, Goronak Ilorik is regarded as a likely supporter of the alleged 'deep state' within the Batarian Confederation. Such rumors are impossible to prove, but their persistence may warrant further investigation.