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A turian colony. Largely rustic and agricultural, and with all the baggage that goes with it (xemna-shagging jokes are a matter of course with Gothians in the army.) Notable for its inhabitants being utterly incomprehensible in speech and expression.

Originally, it was settled from the Scandza region of Palaven. Gothis was a major separatist bastion during the Unification Wars, a badge which the natives sometimes still wear with pride. They were brought into the Hierarchy by forces under General Crixus.

As befitting any people from rural parts, turians from Gothis are famed for their gregariousness and hospitality, love of music and down-to-earth wisdom. Their tattoos are coloured red, black and yellow.

Locations on Gothis include Tanglor (in the Sittia region), Berytus and Ascalon.


General Levocas, the son of a miner on Gothis, became one of the Hierarchy's foremost experts on disrupting criminal supply chains.

Lepantis Corvax mentioned knowing a "chap from Gothis" who once ended up getting swept away by a huge beery crowd of humans on the Citadel with faces painted the same colour as his (black-red-yellow). He suspects it was some sort of sporting event. The man in question had no recollection whatsoever of the next 14 hours, but for some reason can remember perfectly the complete lyrics to a song called "Auf Geht's Deutschland Schieß ein Tor."