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A planet in the Kite's Nest, a formally prosperous colony of the Batarian Hegemony.

To quote rightful ruler Mano'har-Mohak Vorkhet Jagdish-Dasharathak IX:

"You see, Greklon had -- and dare I say it, still has -- the potential to be a galactic trading hub to rival Illium. Perfectly situated on relay routes between Alliance/Council, Batarian and Terminus space, it was left to metaphorically and physically rot by a Hegemony too lazy to see that war with Humanity got us nothing."

Greklon features a giant supercontinent surrounded by ocean, and teems with various forms of aquatic life, many of which were still being discovered prior to the Reaper War. Since colonisation began, there were superstitious tales of a great being beneath the waves that lived in the deepest reaches of the ocean, emerging only to prey on the fishermen of Greklon's ports. 


Native fauna includes the Hrokfish, which can reach impressive sizes, and the rothkith, a type of reptilian scavenger with brightly coloured frills. Rothkith Hunts are common events on Greklon.

Current Situation

Mano'har-Mohak Vorkhet Jagdish-Dasharathak IX is in exile. The current ruler is his younger brother, Mano'har-Mohak Vorkhet Jagdish-Dasharathak X, and an abolitionist. For the surviving, mostly slave caste populace of Greklon, he was a much more palatable choice, especially as the younger Mano'har stayed and fought the Reapers alongside the slaves, while the elder spent the Reaper War in relative comfort on the Citadel.