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Dr. Herah Morgan is an Alliance doctor and a former military brat who has been sent as part of the Alliance's initial contribution to the Citadel Exploration Fleet. A somewhat talented biotic, she disappointed her parents, who hoped she'd become an N7 Operative, by becoming a doctor.

Still, it's better than becoming a comedian.


A tall, stern-looking woman who looks like she could kill someone, a feat that would only be aided by her height and glare, Herah Morgan is, in fact, a bit of a soft touch, becoming a doctor to 'make the galaxy a better place'. You wouldn't be able to tell by the way she tells off patients who have hurt themselves in ways she considers 'preventable' or 'stupid'. If you have a cold? Herah will baby you. If you have a hangover? She'll give you a glass of water and tell you to get over it.

A little bit more cynical than she was as a child, Herah's occasionally sarcastic and deadpan but happens to be overly motherly, a possible side effect of her bedside manner.

A skilled baker, whose red velvet cake is legendary amongst acquaintances, and a talented dancer (until she outgrew a vast majority of her dance partners), Herah's biggest flaw is the fact she tends to intertwine both her professional and personal lives.


The youngest of two and currently the only surviving child of Marcus and Ayasha Morgan, Herah grew up in the shadow of her older sibling. Said older sister, Zephyrine, better known as Zephy was several years her senior who happened to enlist just in time for the Reaper War; during this time Herah was studying to become a doctor, having already disappointed her parents by not becoming a headbutting juggernaut of mass destruction.

Herah was by no means adopted by krogans. Her parents just wanted a strong, military career for both of their children.

Herah specialized in xenobiology, hoping to be stationed somewhere interesting and far, far away. Only to end up on Shanxi, you know, where she was born. Once the opportunity to enlist in the CEF presented itself, she jumped at it, eager to get away from her old life, some old hurt


  • Herah has an asari niece, Zephyrine's daughter, Lisara T'Vasir. When she goes to the Citadel, she often stays with Lisara's mother, her sister-in-law.
  • Herah's a fan of high heels despite her already above average height for a human woman.