Intergalactic Mysteries is an "enquirer magazine" dedicated to providing a public forum in which contributors can air their beliefs regarding conspiracies, cover-ups, fringe theories, and any other information they believe (with or without justification) is being suppressed or ignored by mainstream media outlets. IM's newsletter is periodically posted to the CDN forum; the posting account, TRUTH, has clarified that the staff and editors of IM do not necessarily believe any or all or what they publish, only that it is important to bring it to the attention of the general public.

Each newsletter spotlights a story of particular interest, and includes mention of others in the current issue of IM.

Newsletters posted to CDN

  • #253: Intergalactic Mysteries' lead editor on trial for grand theft auto, possession of red sand, resisting arrest and speeding, and why the Turian Hierarchy may be behind the trial. Also Prothean artifacts on Garvug, and Proof of Parnack?
  • #254: "Grey" alien encounters and abductions in human history. Also Kirik, Aria T'Loak, and the Trial of the Century.
  • #258: Proof of the practicality of intergalactic travel technology. Also Bliss, Gamestation 5, and the raloi.
  • #259: Piracy in the Terminus systems controlled by asari vampires. Also squids, Tuchanka, and the Alliance.
  • #260: Five year anniversary retrospective on past issues. Also penises, and Omega.
  • #261 & #262: Double edition, caused by claimed interference from Aria T'Loak, also accidental small fire at the IM offices.
  • #265: Virtually all diseases created by pharmaceutical companies. Also Quarians, Earth, and Lincoln.
  • #266: The Protheans are a myth concocted by ancient asari and salarians who built the mass relays. Also Ancient Astronaut, eagles, and Tunguska.
  • #267: Atlantean ruins on Khar'shan and Turvess. Also 2200, Irune, and Disney.
  • #270: Proof of time travel and interview with a time traveller. Also turians, monsters, and credits.
  • #273: The Intergalactic Real Life Superhero Coalition. Also Mass Defect, Criss Cross, and the voices.
  • #277: Hanar interference in Rakhana causing its ecosystem to collapse. Also bats, Lemurians, and space bees.
  • #278: Human colonisation and Nazis. Also more time travel, eggs, and the Death Star.
  • #279: The Citadel is controlled by a sentient supercomputer. Also batarians, elcor, and Omega.
  • #280: Red Metal music invented by the Citadel as a form of mind control. Also Lystheni, Herman, and the fifth Citadel Ward.
  • #284: Secrets of the Alliance. Also rats, Etathis, and thresher maws.
  • #289: Humans were an ancient space-faring civilisation. Also Blood on the Rocks, Vodou, and HeLa.
  • #290: Secret activities of Spectres. Also the Voynitch Manuscript, the Space Pope, and Kit Vand.