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Jada Damden is an asari singer currently working on Illium. She was known by the handle JadaCapella on the Cerberus Daily News forum.


Jada is ambitious and self-assured, aware of her talents and strengths and determined to succeed. She's a champion schmoozer, able to charm people very easily and enjoys the social aspects of a performance career. She can be a snob about what she believes to be the asari's inherent artistic nature, setting very high standards for artists from other races to meet to be judged by her as 'good'.


Standing at 5'9", she falls into an average height range, with an average build. Jada's skintone is light purple with darker scalp crests, which she also dyes various colours. Her eyes are blue with implants for improved low-light vision that can be seen at some angles.

She has developed a signature style of semi-permanent facial makeup that she wears in various colours: a high chin stripe and a single line reminiscent of a scar across her left eye.

Early Life

Jada was born in 1924 to an asari and a quarian exile on Thessia, in the Armali region.

She has average levels of biotics, and received basic training as most asari on Thessia do. 


Jada singing in a club on Illium.

When she came of age, Jada received commando training from the military as a sniper, allowing her to work as a freelance mercenary to fund her main interests and goals, which are a singing career. She moved to Illium in the interest of combining the two, as Illium's regulations compared to her homeworld made mixing singing and mercenary contracts a much easier thing.

She has been the lead singer of several bands over the decades spanning various genre, either temporary or staying until the band dissolved. Her previous bands include:

  • Xillun
  • BloodRace
  • Ardat's Call
  • Goddess Alpha
  • ΣStar (SigmaStar)

She also takes solo singing bookings, and has become a popular entertainer on Illium, especially amongst asari. She has ambitions to be even more successful and known, with ambitions beyond Illium.

OOC Information

  • Images of Jada are created using game assets/3D modelling.
  • Jada is played by justjasper.