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Kate Parker is the sister of forum member Alex Parker.

At first, her life consisted of being a snarky extranet poster with flair for exotic interests like many of her peers, but her exterior hid seriously hurt young woman. In 2184, when she and her family moved onto the Citadel, Kate got lost in rough part of the wards and was assaulted by a gang of five aliens. Her brother attempted to come to her aid, but not enough soon to prevent the gang from hurting her. The experience left a tangle of psychological knots to solve for her.

Afterwards Kate joined the CDN forums and got involved with various individuals there, such as Juhani Ragum and his girlfriend-future-spouse Veneta Ragum. It was during this time when she discovered herself to be a latent biotic as well, which eventually led to her being kidnapped by biotic extremists who attempted to slave-collar her and turn Kate into a super biotic. The attempt was foiled by a rescue party who took the extremist organization apart and freed all their prisoners. This experience didn't help with the prior psychological traumas incurred.

Eventually with the eve of Reaper War, Kate Parker found employment with the Titan Corporation who reshaped her into a biotic assassin with extensive augmentations. She was considerate enough to gift Juhani with a new prosthetic arm when he was injured severely, courtesy of access to high-grade Titan hardware and corporate paycheck.

Her current whereabouts after the war are unknown.