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A region of water on Thessia and the associated republic which controls much of its shores.

One of the larger confederacies of cities, the gentle conditions of the Kendra Ocean made pre-flight travel between the settlements on all its shores common, resulting in very strong trade and social ties between its constituents. The Kendra region is notable for its architecture, which it has exported to many colonies; Illium's Nos Astra was constructed primarily in the neo-Kendra style.

Local fashion houses exert great influence on civilian fashions throughout the Republics (and by extension in asari-inspired fashion in the Systems Alliance, given the ease with which asari designs can be fitted to human females). Kendra Sway is largely credited with the current galactic trend for full-length skirts and dresses.

Kendra Gravity Engineering is a local R&D firm notable for being one of the leading manufacturers of the ELITE racing championship. Although no permanent galactic-level ELITE track is maintained in the region, the ocean was famously host to the Kendra Revolution race, on a temporary track built hovering over the ocean itself and using gravity walls to 'tunnel' beneath the waves on several corners.

Locations of importance

The Solace Isles

Situated in the southern ocean, away from traditional shipping lanes; legend has it that they were kept secret by the goddesses until Nereana, goddess of the sky, opened them to the Solace Fleet (which gave the isles their name) bearing refugees from Majesa, which was facing destruction in a storm called down by a Malari witch.

The major islands of the chain feature sun frost and kassalt cliffs which directly shelter their centres, and form a meteorological barrier that deflects strong winds and storms from the isles as a whole. In modern times the Solace Isles are among Thessia's most admired resorts, which local matriarchs have taken great care to preserve by limiting commercial development. Having no military significance and being remote from major settlements, the isles were largely ignored by Reaper invaders, and are now among the planet's busiest holiday destinations; management of the tourist influx is a concern.

Nereana's Channel

A notable natural formation in the Kendra Ocean, situated in a coral reef near the Solace Isles. Created and maintained in a natural equilibrium by biotically-active coral, the Channel is a vertical shaft extending down some 14km from sea level, comparable to Thessia's deepest ocean trenches, and is home to a number of unique species. Tribal folklore of the region held that the Channel was the birth canal from which the goddess Nereana was born.