AKA Captain Dharma. A turian.

Born on Palaven, he graduated from Fleet training at the typical age, reached captain, and captained for a lot longer than most. He faced court-martial after three separate incidents: he personally murdered an asari commando sent aboard his ship, he ordered a shot which missed its target and destroyed a volus ambassadorial ship, and he was accused of sex crimes on duty. It’s likely that the last of these didn’t happen, but the first two definitely did. After his dismissal from the service, Qion wandered for a bit, then dropped off the map for a few years. This time saw the rise of a pirate named Ri’komna. Due to the similarity in tactics and appearances, it’s very possible that Kor’ik and Ri'komn are one and the same. The implications support the idea that he was feigning his later senility.

He had a walk on role in Fleet and Flotilla and penned a rather popular autobiography. He later fled the Citadel for Omega when he ran out of money.


He had bonding issues, although he would never admit that himself. He was never close to his family, including his former asari wife.

Qion had abused drugs, stolen, and killed people, but he almost always assumed the guise of an innocent old man. In the words of Cerberus analysts, he likely wasn’t actually crazy, “despite his flooding of our News Forum with nonsense about water that makes you forget.”

He either misunderstands human culture, or thinks he’s hilarious.

Loves dogs. Is terrified by pangolins.

Preferred Equipment: One Carnifex pistol, standard clothing, a gigantic German Shepard always at his side.

Threads of Note

The Old Man And The Sea (of Booze): Davril manages to get Dharma out of the Terminus.