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Voniferus (Millen Ressa) is a young asari, a former Citadel duct rat who later resided in the Shelter for Underprivileged Children attached to Saint John Paul the Great church on Tayseri Ward. She assisted in the running of the shelter and in taking care of other duct rats and homeless children staying there. She posted on CDN as "Voniferus", a pseudonym (literally "perfection" in High Thessian, a goal she aspires to). Following her return after the war she used "MVR" as a pseudonym, and eventually went by "Cpl. Ressa".

Threads of Note

Arrival on CDN

Without A Trace: Helping deal with Flower's abduction.

On the Subject of Duct Rats: Voniferus gives her perspective on the matter.

Reaper War

Private Message: As the Reaper War begins, a goodbye and a thank-you to Davril, Father Kevin, and Flower.


Year of Leave: What should she do with it?

A Day On The Town: As hanar and drell chat, an eavesdropping Voniferus eventually gets bored of being ignored and puts on a show at the end.

The Happiest Place on Earth: In Florida, meeting the troubled human Kyle.

And So I'm Seeing You Again: Catching up with Flower.

Whirlwind: Mission on Altahe.

This Place Is Still Up?: Returning after a few years' absence.

Out-of-character notes

Voniferus's photoshopped appearance is based on images of Linda Park.