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Confident: A new face for an old trade.

A male elcor, operating in the Terminus Systems. "Malx" Hamno was known as the owner of Carina Fashions and several other outlet retailers, along with a handful of fine restaurants. He was also, unbeknown to most, active in the slaving business, until he responded to market changes by seeking to move into Illium's indentured servitude business instead.

As CFO of the Gentarkoo-Group, he operated from Omega, though he was known to appear at places from Illium to Hy-Ackatton Station.

On CDN, Hamno attempted to blackmail the Black Nova mercenary outfit to help him achieve his ends, and as such wound up in a tense professional relationship with Aleena T'Saris. Hamno's scheming involved manipulating events surrounding the colony world, Boro.

Threads of Note

The List: A back-and-forth exchange with Aleena.

Extranet Discussion: More business with Aleena, who describes her policy on using (more like not using) WMDs. There follows a fateful action on Boro.

Fail Deadly: Hamno's dark web.

Anti-Slavers wanted: We see how Hamno now claims control over Black Nova's agendas.

Industry News: It is announced that Gentarkoo is making inroads on Illium.

How Many Biotics?: Black Nova and Hamno head toward a confrontation.

Long Night: On Illium, at a public function, things come to a head.