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"I am sovereign. My existence is based around the art of rulership and command. My mouth is to eat, my legs are to walk, my blood is to rule."

A batarian, of the noble classes and rightful ruler of Greklon, a batarian colony world.

Physically, his most distinguishing characteristic is his proud (overlarge) chin.

Noble, political exile, socialite, womanizer, warrior-prince, poet and two times winner of Omega's "Most Overlong Name Competition" (batarian category), Mano'har-Mohak Vorkhet Jagdish-Dasharathak IX, Esq. is a member of the once numerous and increasingly inbred House of Jagdish-Dasharathak, the rulers of the Garden World of Greklon in the Kite's Nest. Exiled before the onset of the Reaper Wars due supposedly to calling for peace with humanity, Mano'har claimed asylum at the Citadel, living off his increasingly diminishing personal wealth, wasting it on extravagant parties and overpriced escorts. After the fall of Khar'shan, Mano'har retreated from public view, only re-emerging at the gates of his ruined family villa at the end of the war, demanding the planet be "returned" to him. Instead, the few survivors of the Reaper attack had chosen to install Mano'har's younger brother, Mano'har-Mohak Vorkhet Jagdish-Dasharathak X, a keen advocate for the abolition of slavery. Disgraced, Mano'har fled to Omega, where he lived a playboy lifestyle based on a diminishing amount of wealth acquired from some lucky investments in companies made during the Reaper War.

After a few years of this, he made a political marriage, joining the Most Independent Asari Republic of Raesva. Mano'har was bestowed with the title of Explorator General, giving him carte blanche to colonize and exploit any and all unclaimed worlds he deemed to be of interest to Raesva's growing "empire".

One of these worlds he decided to name Manoharia, after the most worthy person he knows.

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