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Mira D'Rana is an asari Spectre, whose operations have included law enforcement on the Citadel.

D'Rana was sighted on the Citadel's Tayseri Ward during a C-Sec sting operation, part of a larger campaign aimed at preventing organised crime from maintaining the influence it had gained on the Ward in the disorder following the geth attack. C-Sec officers had surrounded a warehouse and began securing the location, but were called off to allow D'Rana and a turian companion, both heavily armed, to enter the warehouse in their place. D'Rana later gave a statement to the press, avoiding giving firm details of her activities but implying that the criminal elements being targeted by C-Sec could have suffered significant casualties had the raid gone ahead as planned.

D'Rana was later identified as one of a number of Council and Citadel personnel involved in investigating the abduction of Jerome Hennison, a member of the human Manswell colony, on the Citadel.

Niklaus Westergaard, the FCC News correspondent who took D'Rana's statement regarding the C-Sec sting operation, later claimed D'Rana had attacked him when, during a subsequent attempt to conduct an interview, she shot his camera drone, wounding him with shrapnel. D'Rana denied these claims, and C-Sec produced imagery supporting her version of events, that Westergaard intruded on a live C-Sec anti-narcotics operation she was providing intelligence for, during which she acted to protect him from suspects resisting arrest, and that it was their fire which destroyed the camera drone. D'Rana accused Westergaard of ignoring his own safety and the security of C-Sec operations while pursuing an obsession with her, but declined to press charges, indicating that she had more important things to do.