Mirala T'Narf is an asari lecturer, who recently entered her Matriarch phase. She formally posted on CDN as "Almost-Matriarch"; upon actually achieving the status she changed to "Miralatriarch". She is currently dealing with the expected influx of requests for advice and endorsements, having not been looking forward to the fawning she receives from her undergraduates now that she's completed her Matriarch shift.

Mirala lectures in xenoliterature at the University of Plonaea on Sanves. She has two daughters: Zelana, and Linya M'Tanis.


Mirala was born in space, near the Delta-2 Relay - "but I just tell paperwork I'm from Serrice, it makes things easier."

Mirala's father was a turian - ex-military, he made sure that Mirala got the best biotic training possible because he couldn't stand the thought of her being defenceless. Her mother was the asari, Yindra (the daughter of Kaeris). Mirala was the oldest of four daughters, her sisters (all believed to be dead) are as follows:

  • Laane - Unit commander in the asari military, killed during the Reaper onslaught on Thessia.
  • Edhil - A botanist who was on Lusia during the war, missing (presumed dead).
  • Teleris - A playwright, killed along with her husband Ransil and five-year-old daughter Kearsa when their escape shuttle was shot down over Palaven.

Mirala has three biological and one adopted daughter:

  • Zelana'Kortl Ó Bhroin (338) - Fathered by the quarian Orna'Kortl, owner of a club called BlueShift 2 on Zakera Ward. She lives on the Citadel with her human husband Emile and young daughter Siobhán. She's far more like her mother than she'd care to admit.
  • Linya M'Tanis (249) - Fathered on Mannovai by a salarian actuary named Tanis, with whom Mirala lived until his death when Linya was 18. Currently on sabbatical from her job as a chemistry lecturer thanks to a recent explosion, which was a product of industrial espionage on the part of a rival to her research team's sponsor. Ever so slightly bonkers.
  • Kirse (human, adopted). Currently volunteering on Tuchanka.
  • Qixoni L'Motta (190) - Works as a software developer for Ariake Technologies.

Due to her habit of keeping her ex-bondmates' names, Mirala's full name (with titles) is Professor Matriarch Mirala'Kortl M'Tanis T'Narf nar Thessia.


As she approached Matriarch years herself, Mirala was often vocal about her distaste for those Matriarchs who presented themselves as wise, far-seeing sages, using what she called a combination of "condescension and elaborately-worded platitudes" as an excuse for the "wait and see" approach they took to most situations. "Dressing apathy up to look like wisdom", as she once phrased it. Matriarch Farore was a particular target; of her editorials in the Armali Herald, Mirala noted, "She can say less in three pages than a salarian could in a sentence."


Her musical tastes have been described as follows:

"My personal soundtrack varies depending on just how infuriating the e-democracy is being at the time. Bubblefunk for trying to keep myself energised and interested, wevarena if I'm getting stressed (or someone comes to me for "Matriarch Wisdom" and I'm trying to project an image of a calm, understanding elder), and thunderbreak if I've had to interact with that blasted Farore again. Optionally adding screams, curses, and punching."

Regarding awful pickup lines, Mirala maintains a text document called Crimes Against Flirtation. She says she started it out of boredom, and has been updating for about a half-millennium.

Some highlights shared with CDN:

  • "TINY BLUE FEMALE, CRUSH MY HUMP WITH YOUR WITCH POWERS AND I SHALL ALLOW YOU TO CARESS MY FACE." (capitals very much required) (Grisank Vimanthia says it sounds like Clan Grisank).
  • "The hell are those on your chest? Are they soft?"
  • "You are a vision, my dear asari. Would you accompany me? I must introduce you to my beetles."
  • "If the other will excuse it, this one has heard of a point on the asari scalp which can induce euphoria in its owner. Might this one explore the other's cranial crest?"
  • "Those elbows! Those scapulae! You're perfect!" (Perhaps Mirala displays good Kettle?)
  • "Hey little lady, ever tried a Fyruxi Xenocopter? I've got the perfect harness setup for it." (this is not something to look up if you've recently eaten)
  • "Furtively, would you care to see my Solar Amoeba tattoo? Eager, it's on my chest, if you wanna just crawl under there..."

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