Modem's Stinger II

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Creator: Sarah Skamrev (Modulator_Demodulator)

  • Weapon: Unique Stinger II
  • Type: Pistol, modernized
  • Company: Devlon Industries
  • ROF: Semiautomatic, high cycle rate
  • Damage: Moderate-High
  • Recoil: Average
  • Rounds per Heatsink: 8
  • Availability: Unique

Modem's old Stinger II may look beaten up, but that's only the outside. Inside, guts from several different salvaged weapons make it a match for most modern pistols.

OOC Notes

"Inspiration: This one's a bit interesting - I was actually inspired by my one run in Mass Effect, where I kept a Stinger II in my inventory through the entire game. I rationalized it as my Shepard getting a little attached to it after it saved her life in a tight spot."

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