My Little Moxie is a long running children's show funded and produced by the Hierarchy Media Broadcast Corps. Airing in 2132, it was developed as a response to the rather tepid reaction to its preceding programme Appius the Unfortunate Xemna, which surveys indicated failed to resonate with its audiences despite the two million credit budget that the Hierarchy had set aside to push a 'friendlier face' to the Hierarchy's boot camp program. A few partnerships with various broadcasting corporations (as negotiated by volus) as well as Dellona Toys, plus money from the Hierarchy Broadcast Fund, and you had an instant franchise. Cute and relatable Moxie characters who prepare children for the lessons of boot camp.

A human company (Atrix Vidcast) licensed it for a spinoff deal. A lot of the characters were different, mostly due to licensing issues between Atrix, Dellona and Vaesus, so they came up with original character ideas and "sanitized" it so it'd be understood and be more relevant to human audiences.


Gunshy: Nervous but loveable. In the words of one viewer, "Good to have someone finally showing children it's alright to be nervous around weapons. You're going to be expected to learn to use them and deal with them all the same".



Threadbare: The main character, really. "Your traditional rear echelon motherfucker". He/she handles military outfitting and logistics, yet somehow manages to go out on missions too. Usually because somehow the Primarch has some sort of "get to know your unit" fetish.

Mountaineer: The scout and the special ops girl. A loner that doesn't quite fit in with the unit. It's speculated by fans that she's there to prepare kids for the loneliness of long-haul postings in certain locations and that they might have to operate on their own. There's rumors that she's secretly a cabalist, but that's probably base speculation.

Human version:

Carjack: A country girl.


Eezo Dash