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Nara T'Cyone (Pterion)
Species: Asari
Age: 98
Height: 5'5"
Place of Birth: New Cirilis, Palaven
Occupation: Freighter Pilot
Home: Practis, Palaven
Marital Status: Widowed (As of 2186)
Aliases: Pterion (CerberusDailyNews), UnfortunateXemna (MercNet), Nara277 (Galaxy of Fantasy)
Date of Birth: September 1st, 2098
Affiliations: Turian Hierarchy, PFS Lukara crew, formerly the 895th Primarch’s Own regiment and 277th Terius cabal.
Citizenship Tier: 8
Character Status: Active

"You moron. You CHILD. You abysmal failure at basic operational secrecy." -- Emon Spiza

An asari who serves in the Turian Hierarchy, known to CDN as Pterion. She was formerly believed to have the lethal variant of the Ardat-Yakshi medical condition, and was born on Palaven.


Nara was born in 2098 to a pair of asari clients in the Turian Hierarchy. She went through the Hierarchy's school system and attended boot camp at age 30, in 2128. She was then assigned to a cabalist training camp on Baetika for three years, from 2129-2131.

In the last year of her cabal training, Nara melded with her boyfriend Gavrian, who died because Nara's Ieri disorder, a normally non-lethal medical disorder, caused Gavrian's neural implant to malfunction and kill him. Due to the neural implant being unknown to Nara or the Hierarchy xenomedicine department, Nara was mistakenly diagnosed with the lethal variant of the Ardat-Yakshi medical condition, which she promptly revealed to the public.

In 2132, Nara was assigned to the 475th "Unbreakable Shield" Cabal on Irune, and had a mostly-uneventful deployment to the city of Jentudin. She met her wife Jin Ondak during this time, and they married in 2136. In 2147, Nara's mandatory 15-year period of military service ended, and she attempted a career as a minor-league pildavi player. However, a combination of dissatisfaction with civilian life and her teams' abysmal competitive record led her to retire from professional sports and reenlist in the cabals in 2149.

Nara was initially reassigned to the 475th "Unbreakable Shield" Cabal, which was deployed to Solregit the next year to assist the Hierarchy in suppressing the Sundowner separatist movement. The 475th was merged into the 277th Terius Cabal in 2156, as both cabals suffered heavy losses in the Siege of Sentaran.

Nara, as an anti-light-infantry specialist, was extremely effective against the Sundowner rebels. The Sundowners were poorly equipped and had little defense against Nara's biotics, allowing her to rack up a large amount of kills. Nara was notoriously ruthless against Sundowner combatants, but also merciful to non-combatants, treating them fairly despite her burning hatred of separatism. Nara continued to fight in the Solregit conflict until its conclusion in 2175.


Nara was "a Paragon off the battlefield and a Renegade on it." She wouldn't even consider breaking the law or harming innocents except under extreme circumstances, and could almost always be trusted to keep the letter, if not the spirit, of her word. But her cabal training also made her ruthlessly pragmatic in combat. Nara didn't believe in the concept of "a fair fight", and she would use any (legal) means necessary to win.


Nara was married to a volus named Jin Ondak from 2136 to 2186. The two of them adopted Vellia, an orphan of the Taetrus attacks, in 2185. Both Jin and Vellia were killed by Reaper orbital bombardment in 2186.

Nara's mother, Jesina T'Cyone, and her father, Elentha Tarrin, were also asari who grew up in the Turian Hierarchy. Jesina was killed by a Brute during the Evacuation of New Cirilis, while Elentha's drop pod was shot down in the Battle of Earth.

Nara's maternal grandmother, Matriarch Yaenthima, is still alive. She is a starship engineer who currently lives on the planet Cyone, from which her family name is taken. Nara's paternal grandmother, Ja'noda Tarrin, lives on Thessia. Nara doesn't know either of them very well, but they remain on good terms.

Nara's grandfathers, Palus Dexinius and Amrius Macrinis, are both turians who died around two hundred years before her birth.

Threads of Note

Oops: In a thread about vacation destinations, a fellow poster turns out to be associated with a branch of the justicars; not a good thing when you've outed yourself as an Ardat-Yakshi.

Let's Be Bad Guys: Joining Nassa D'Veyra for a heist on Omega.

Three Fingered Discount: The loot from the D'Veyra mission is subsequently lost... to Dani'Koara.

Connecting...: Nara responds to a distress call from Taleeze, who finds herself on an abandoned space station.

No Right, No Wrong, No Rules For Me:SPEAR raids a facility on Noveria, and runs into competition.

Opportunity for Research?: One of the periodic mad auctions from Eccentric Esoterica may offer Nara a rare opportunity to acquire a Memorial Sphere. There is an interesting exchange on the subject of Ardat-Yakshi research with Grisank Vimanthia.

The Sphere: Nara and Zaraya T'Neri investigate the newly acquired item.

Night's Edge: Nara and Valen Hossfield investigate a mystery involving an apparent asari supremacist organization.

Interview With An Ardat-Yakshi: Nara openly discusses the condition she believed she had. Leading to...

Last Will And Testament: Unsurprisingly, there were consequences.


Nara knows five biotic powers: Pull, Charge, Shockwave, Throw, and Stasis.

Nara's CDN username, Pterion, is taken from the Pterion fish. She owns three Pterion that are each named after a Primarch.

Nara speaks three languages, Palaven Standard, Serrician, and English. She speaks the latter two with a heavy Palavenian accent.

Nara loves extremely spicy food, especially batarian food.