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Former general Manager of AzuTech Noveria.

In the immediate aftermath of the Reaper War, her people on Noveria developed the emergency food source, AzuMold. Not only did AzuTech make this fungus cold resistant, they also gave it extreme acid resistance, meaning that when humans, elcor, or salarians tried to eat it, the fungus was perfectly content to continue growing and expanding inside the stomach. 47 people were soon dead from systemic infection, and another 83 had been hospitalized, including one NDC executive. AzuTech promised to look into the problem. ERCS rather grudgingly increased their presence around AzuTech facilities significantly, to prevent riots, sabotage, or assassination attempts.

Another 76 people died in the following week. A few were from new infections, but most of the victims were in the group previously hospitalized; most stores had stopped selling it to anyone other than krogan or asari. AzuTech said they were working on an enzyme that would render it harmless when eaten, but nobody was particularly keen to take their word for it. War refugees had been disproportionally affected by the fungus, and managed to stage a sizable riot outside AzuTech HQ despite the ERCS presence, resulting in a few more dead and an impressive amount of property damage. Someone with significantly more influence had apparently developed a grudge, and they used the chaos caused by the riot to abduct T'Leyra. ERCS investigated, but nobody was expecting to find her again; at least, not alive.

Indeed, her body was found not long after.