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A world in Asari Republics territory. Overall the planet is traditionally the holiday paradise of asari space, its facilities mainly directed at asari but also turians and more and more humans.

Flora and Fauna

  • Nevosian Blackfir
  • Ravion, an endangered herd animal.

The Reaper War

In the first phase of the war, when the Reapers were mainly working systems outside asari space, the planet became a recreational facility for commandos rotating back and forth from frontline duty.

Nevos was hit by the Reapers around the same time as Dekuuna came under fire. Being a relatively unimportant word as regards industrial resources the Reaper attacks concentrated on the almost defenceless spaceport facility near the capital of Astella. The destruction there was extensive but the Reapers didn't come to stay, as their forces moved on to the more important targets of Dekuuna and, especially, Hyetiana and Cyone, which lay in the same cluster (Silean Nebula).

At the high point of the Battle for Thessia, Commander Shepard visited Nevos to bring the Rings of Alune to the motherworld in an move unprecedented in asari history.

Although short of industrial capacity, Nevos could produce enough food from land and sea to make life bearable. It became the refuge of many elcor who escaped the attacks on their homeworld, as well as asari who could escape the destruction of Hyetiana.


After the war, Nevos became a hub for food exports to Cyone and Dekuuna, where large portions of civilians suffered from the massive destruction of their infrastructure.

Its dependency on the tourism industry made the year after the war almost worse for the residents than the war itself, because only with the reopening of the mass relays did recreational travelling become a factor again. With its undamaged environment and clean air and water the planet became a preferred distraction for many who wanted to flee their own destroyed homes for a while (and who could afford it). A stable development is predicted by the Nevos Council of Tourism for the foreseeable future; the four weeks festivities surrounding the Return of the Rings of Alune saw over 1.000.000 visitors in Astella.

Azure Allure Resorts and Hotels, Nevos’ biggest player, announced plans to erect several themed resorts targeted specifically at elcor, turians, humans, and for the very first time, quarians. Asked why there would be no additional project for salarians, a spokeswoman said “Our market researchers gave us the clear indication that the average salarian has not much interest in wasting larger timespans lying on beaches or collecting seashells, so we deem our current salarian directed resources sufficient.”


- Nevos is home to the Pildavi team of Astella Surf