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Niamh Callaghan
Username: Niamh
Species: Human
Age: 25
Date of Birth: 2161
Occupation: Archaeologist
Location: Tayseri Ward, Citadel
Marital Status: Involved
Relations: Eiji Harper, Clint van Wallach
Affiliations: University of Serrice, Museum of Galactic History

Dr. Niamh Callaghan is an archaeologist specializing in Proto-Prothean studies, currently working for the Acquisitions department of Tayseri Ward's Museum of Galactic History. Niamh is a graduate of the University of Serrice, and has recently moved to the Citadel with her boyfriend, Eiji Harper.

Niamh (pronounced "Nieve") was brought into the storyline of Who Goes There 2 via an old friend, Clint van Wallach, who she worked with on Omega during her brief time as a mercenary.

She contributed to the Kal'Ala IV excavation.


Niamh Linnea Brigid Callaghan was born on the first of May, 2161 in Dublin, Ireland. She has lived in many places - Demeter for twelve years, Dublin again for one after that, Omega for six, Thessia for five.

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