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The Nubian Expanse is a cluster located on the eastern edge of the Milky Way, in the Attican Traverse. The cluster, as well as the systems in it, have names of Egyptian origin.


Post-War History

After the Crucible Event and the collapse of the first galactic network, the Attican Traverse was fragmented. With dozens of secondary relays that bound worlds and sectors together gone, critical trade routes were severed; a thriving, constantly shifting economy, still recovering from the damage sustained over the course of the Reaper War was killed. Here, as in many places across the galaxy, many places were still cut off from greater civilization as a whole, survival was difficult and progress stagnated. Human and batarian planets were stranded together in the same clusters, bereft of all exterior support. Other races, geth reserves, and PMCs were left shattered and confined.

Contact was reestablished two years later. Multiple, corroborated accounts indicated that the Reaper battlegroups within the region worked from the outside in; versus the pattern identified thus far of the interconnection of principal population centers followed by the colonies. Secondary relays were the first repaired, the process originating in clusters such as the Hades Nexus and Armstrong Nebula and progressing inwards towards the Nubian Expanse. Forming a distinct regional subnetwork with the Nubian at its core, a colossal trading hub was created, one that shortly came to be dominated by a number of shipping companies and cartels, merchant families, and independent trade republics. Emerging to keep the peace and maintain the flow of credits and goods each maritime state maintains sovereign, if frequently coexistent routes, their own infrastructure, merchant marine, and security forces. The office of Admiral Hackett issued a statement supporting cordial relations with the nations therein.

In 2189, a Citadel expedition was dispatched under the command of Systems Alliance Captain Shayma bint Aashir Tabah in order to reconnect with Alliance colonies and foster relationships with nations in the region.


Activity: The Nubian is opening once more.