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An asari, real name Enyala Stratis.


Her father was salarian. This came as no surprise to Aphin Protretho:

"You've got a nasty, manipulative, deceitful streak in you which is pretty much indicative of the salarian mindset. Don't get me wrong - those aren't bad traits, necessarily, and they've obviously kept you alive when everything else was burning around you. Plus, there are a couple of other indicators that I can't really explain. Every now and then, though, you'll say something, and I'll think "wow, that's a very salarian thing to say."

Threads of Note

Finally Out of Garvug Orbit: Now heading to Illium.

Home: Also pictures of her daughter.

What Are You Wanted For?: Penumbra posts the list of charges against her, and asks others to do the same.

Made It To Omega

Afterlife Get-Together: Personal safety not guaranteed: In Afterlife, Penumbra meets with Abattoir, who accepts a job to carry cargo from Omega to the Nemean Abyss. The two discuss politics. Leading into...

Laris, Suremis System: Abattoir delivers.

Crescent Street (Thread begins at around the same time as the above): Also, Penumbra now has a base on Omega.

Children: Penumbra shares a story about her eldest daughter, and opines on children and parenthood in general (half-way down).

Ask Penumbra: Dating Addition

The Pomegranate: A dinner out for Penumbra and one of her daughters is interrupted by human assassins. Leading to...

TSS, Hok, Quint, etc. I want to give you credits: "So here's my proposition. Some humans shot up my daughter, Cynira. I would like to know who they are, and where they are, so I can murder them." Leading to...

Fish Vs. Squid, Round 1 - FIGHT!: Penumbra meets with The Sarcastic Salarian (Aphin Protretho). Penumbra wants him to try and find who put out the hit on her and her daughter. Abattoir and Weyrloc Garush assist.

Special Delivery to the Last Gasp: Penumbra - who Abattoir's people think he must be quite taken with - delivers a present. It's a hanar in a box.

After work, there's always Afterlife: Among others, Penumbra has a long conversation with some quarians, touching on the AI issue.

Crescent Street 2: The Crescenting: Back on Omega, Abattoir heads to meet up with Penumbra again. On a trip to the Hades Nexus, they discuss religion and the nature of the Terminus.

Crescent Street Three: Crescent Harder: Business with Ana'Therion.