This is simply for reference, so people won't do stupid things. Open for editing by anybody who can add something.

Don't go there

These are things you should not use as a story element.

  • Protheans and all related things (Prothean tech, Javik, Collectors).
  • Specifics of Shepard beyond gender and board-canon events (cured the Genophage, reunited Rannoch, etc).  This applies to board discussions as well - remember that your playthrough is probably different from someone else's.
  • Reaper technology.  It still exists, and many different organizations are studying it, but possessing or using any is off limits for player characters due to the potential for extreme power disparity.
  • Sweeping or large-scale consequences for the canon galaxy.  'Large-scale' means anything big enough to appear on the galactic newsfeed.  Don't alter canon for other players just because it suits your narrative.

Somewhat restricted

Although these can be used in your RP, there may be restricted aspects to them.  Ask about it before using one.

  • Geth.  Use of geth NPCs needs to be approved beforehand by the moderators.  See the Rules thread in the Mainframe for instructions on how to get approval.
  • 21st-century references should ideally be kept to an extreme minimum.  Consider how much you know about the pop culture of 1850, and apply a similar frame of knowledge to your characters.
  • Organizations, NPCs, or other in-universe elements created by other players.  Talk to the creator beforehand and get permission before you involve anything they designed in your story.