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A volus, who went by the name of One_Classy_Bloke on CDN. A biotic vanguard, he was noted for wearing a top hat atop his suit and carrying a cane. He was far more dangerous than this deliberate eccentricity made him appear.

Threads of Note

A Chance Encounter: Rom reveals his biotics when his hat is stolen by Sylvion.

A New Suit: Rom visits the shop of Sug Oref.

Regarding Failures, Misteps, and Regrets: Everyone has such a story, do they not? At the very least, Sylvion moans about his prior encounter with Rom.

Warehouse District 2177, Building #17: Rom sends his underling to make a pickup in a warehouse. It doesn't go well.

An open letter to the owner of Ellf's Extranet Effects

The Discussion: Meeting with Sug Oref, and the two share some personal history. Then Rom offers him a job.


hi there~ :): Bewilderingly, a young quarian girl who is apparently seeking dates appears on the new CDN boards. She asks many questions. Most people assume it's Suri'Neyvi using a paper thin disguise.

it was a trap: Whereupon it is revealed that 18/q/f is actually Rom Anbel. Cerastes offers to work with Anbel, which leads to...

Cerastes Finds Out More

A Pleasant Conversation: The volus and the drell meet up to describe specifics of the assignment. Anbel reveals that he wants to find Suri'Neyvi. Cerastes leaves the conversation with a sour taste in his mouth, and decides to contact other sources to find out more.

A Sinking, A Sickening of the Heart: After Anbel makes the mistake of pissing off the wrong drell, Cerastes meets with Shirin Vedral (une_serpente_verte), purported daughter of Abattoir. The two strike a deal to betray Anbel.

The Losing Bet: Herein, Anbel is thoroughly and utterly betrayed, and meets his end at the claws of a Hierarchy turian.

To Whom It May Concern: The board is informed of the volus' passing.