Sanjin Challos (also known by her extranet handle, "SkyEye") was a drell Air Traffic Controller, killed when Cerberus attacked the Citadel.

Forced to build a life independent of the Compact, she had a somewhat ambigious relationship with the insitution, and with her upbringing on Kahje.

She was married to Rabbas Bar and was the legal guardian of Kayana Pesh.


Sanjin was born in Latyli Islands Dome City, Kahje.

"I went to a mixed species school, did alright. On my first day I got into a "I can-do-anything-you-can-do" fight with a hanar, and they had to fish me out of the pool, so there was a little tension."


The given name Sanjin is a shortened version of 'San Jero'. It translates as "Beautiful Memory" or "Prosperous Memories", and it's a fairly common meaning for drell names. The real story behind it in this case is that it's an old family name. Her many-greats grandmother was named "Sanjero", and it was she who decided to get the family off of Rakhana. "Since it's 300 years past the statue of limitations - she falsified many, many papers, and passed off her sibling's children as her own so they'd be guaranteed a place."

Threads of Note

The New World: Sanjin arrives on Hiddekel

Three Tasks: Life on the colony

Back to the Citadel (Immigration Advice): With a young teenager in tow and some bad memories, Sanjin returns to the Citadel. Albert Lowell believes he can help.

Home Sweet Home: Lowell invites the drell family over as they get settled in on the Citadel.

More Parental Woe: Sanjin looks for help handling Kayana's behaviour, specifically, her fighting with hanar. This is the first appearance of a future boyfriend.

En Bonne Santé: Meeting with Orlindo the baking hanar.

Emergency: Missing Child: During the GWO Crisis on the Citadel (see: Who Goes There?), Kayana was infected with a parasite. While it alleviated the worst of her depression, she eventually degenerated into paranoia, running away from home.

Drell Are Very Smooth: Sanjin and the family attend a get-together for Citadel drell, hosted by Fadil Mahd.

It's Been A Year And I'm Not Dead!: A Keprals diagnosis can't keep her down.

Family Loyalty: At Sniper's Touch.

Fail to Plan: Sanjin and Harrad, and families, meet up.

Boxing Day Arrival: New baby!

Mothers Meet: Sanjin meets with Reena Tayn (Asharia T'Saeri). Two mothers with their infants.

Reaper War

Please Do Not Travel Unnecessarily: With the Systems Alliance under attack, the Citadel can't handle the refugee traffic.

She Died: CDN learns that Sanjin didn't survive the Cerberus coup.

Message From Harrad: Harrad sends Kayana a note after hearing the news. The reply.