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Don't diss the pink. She likes the pink.

Sarah Skamrev, aka Modulator_Demodulator, or "Modem", is not your usual asari. The most obvious difference is her height: at 6'11", she is quite a bit taller than most. She attributes this to her heritage - apparently, her family has always been on the tall side. Another obvious difference is her cyberware; her limbs have been replaced with military-grade cybernetics, though not entirely of her choice. A less obvious quirk is her rather impressive knowledge of human culture, mostly due to living with humans almost exclusively for twenty years.

Modem's first name, Sarah, is assumed - though not because she wanted to get away from her name. For some reason, her actual first name didn't translate well to English - and, wanting to reduce confusion, she changed her first name to something that wouldn't translate strangely. After that, it just stuck. Her last name, Skamrev, isn't assumed.

Heritage-wise, Modem is somewhat interesting. Her grandfather was krogan, her father was quarian - and he served with the Migrant Fleet Marines for most of his life - while both her mother and grandmother where commandos.

Modem's biotics are fairly powerful, though she can't generate a singularity. Recent combat reports indicate she is capable of performing a biotic charge, however, and she's somewhat well-known for having a rather powerful throw.



  • Modem is a decent cook, oddly enough.
  • She plays Assault Core - an FPS along the lines of Descent - when she's bored.
  • She knows how to maintain a starship. This is helpful, as she owns a certain unique gunship.
  • She uses the code-term 'Dynamic' to describe when an operation goes from stealth to assault. She isn't sure where she picked this up from.
  • Modem apparently feels maternal about Cuddle Bomb for some unknown reason. She's a touch freaked out by it, since she's not even past her maiden stage and has never melded.
  • Her actual first name, though it'd never show up outside a few close friends, is Cidea.
  • She was born on Irunel, a small mining colony on the far edge of the Terminus.


*Modem has several shout-outs in her cyberlimbs:

    • Battletech: They use synthetic myomer rather than standard actuators, and have a MASC system.
    • Metal Gear Solid: Her right arm has a High-Frequency vibroblade in it.
    • Unreal: Her left arm has a weapon called a 'spikejack', which was somewhat inspired by Unreal's Razorjack.