Notable for being one of the only true bounty hunter networks that primarily works in Citadel space, the Sarona Bounty Hunter Network (aka Sarona.NET, Sarona-NET, or SaronaNET) markets towards private security, bodyguard duty, and removing particularly dangerous criminals (such as slavers) from existence. They may be small, but any data acquired by one agent is automatically passed on to all other agents, resulting in a well-informed group.

Bounties placed include stipulations, such as 'hazard pay' - any forces unaccounted for in the original mission assessment but nonetheless dealt with add a small bonus to the operative's pay, with a larger bonus for krogan.

Notable members

  • Sarah Skamrev (aka Modulator_Demodulator)
  • Mira (aka Oracle)
  • PacMeister

Mission control personnel/handlers

  • Tracer T